Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade

RECIPE: Make Your Own Frozen Violet Lemonade From EPCOT and Celebrate Flower & Garden Festival at Home!

Now, I don’t know if it was the picturesque fireworks sky-high above, or the breathtaking score by Matthew Jordan Leeds, but…  I remember the exact moment I took my first sip of EPCOT’s Frozen Violet Lemonade… I was immediately hooked.

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade

It all started just thirty minutes prior to a showing of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth (which has since been replaced with EPCOT Forever.) My wife, Kimberly, offered to grab two seats up on the stairway leading to Tokyo Dining, as I set out to track down something to wet the whistle. Taken by the beauty that surrounded me, I stumbled into the first kiosk that caught my eye and said “Say, pal, what’s the most popular drink in this joint?” Okay, well… maybe I didn’t say it quite like that. But, I did find myself waltzing back to the Japan Pavilion with two decorative delights, one in each hand. I instantly found the whimsical tint of these colorful concoctions #instaworthy. Giddy with anticipation, I rushed back to our “seats” on the stair steps before the torches blew out. We anxiously clinked glasses, recited a quick “cheers,” snapped a fast photo, and took our very first sip… WOW!

Tantalizing our senses, we both somehow knew that these refreshing floral celebrations of lemon and violet would soon become a welcomed staple in our home. We rose from our glasses, looked at each other and said, “We have to learn how to make these at home!” All we had to do was find the perfect recipe. And that’s exactly what we set out to do!

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade

This springtime staple is pure Flower & Garden Festival, folks! Over at the Pineapple Promenade outdoor kitchen, the Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade is an elevated take on old school lemonade, making it the ideal sweet treat to sip-n-savor while traversing around the World Showcase. However, here is a little insider tip, just between friends… you don’t have to be in the Sunshine State to indulge in one of these festive fan favorites.

Below, you will find one of the easiest Walt Disney World copycat recipes out there. So, if you’re a fan of plussing a classic… let us begin.


  • 5 oz. Monin Violet Syrup
  • 2 1/2 cups of water
  • 10 oz. of Publix Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
  • 5 drops of McCormick’s red food coloring
  • 3 drops of of McCormick’s blue food coloring
  • 5 cups of ice
  • Lemon Slice (Garnish)


  • IllumiNations Reflections of Earth: Pre-Show Music


  • Combine all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
  • Pour into glasses and garnish with a thin lemon peel.
  • Enjoy!


  • IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth (or EPCOT Forever, if that’s more your style)


Frozen Violet Desert Lemonade

We hope this quick and simple recipe helped bring the majesty of EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival into your home. We encourage you to make it your own! If you try recreating this recipe, be sure to share it on Twitter or Instagram and let us know by tagging us using @WDWNT. Have your own Frozen Violet Lemonade recipe? Let us know in the comments section below. Sip-n-Savor!

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  1. Wait, Matthew Jordan Leeds wrote the breathtaking score to Illuminations: Reflections of Earth?

    1. Ohhh… great question. I would assume an unflavored vodka would be a natural fit. But, have fun with it. Just not too much fun :D

  2. HaHa! I love “Publix” concentrated juice. Up here in the North we’d use “Stop and Shop.”

    1. Haha… Publix is the best! I’m originally from the Northeast… Shoprite was always our stopping ground. I’ll have to check out a Stop and Shop when I’m visiting!

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