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REVIEW: Amazing New Green Milk Bread Pudding, Spicy Saka Egg Bite, and Wamba Coconut Yogurt Cup for Breakfast at Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With so many guests rope dropping Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there’s a dire need for more breakfast options in the park, and the trusty old Milk Stand has stepped up its game to offer even more items for hungry travelers to Batuu.

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You won’t find much of a line at Milk Stand if you’re rope dropping Galaxy’s Edge, since most everyone will either be in line for Smugglers Run or hovering over by Rise of the Resistance (or at Guest Relations.)

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Still available on the menu are the classic Green and Blue Milks, as well as the Bubo Wamba Family Farms Light-Up Souvenir Sipper that’s usually sold here. (Alcoholic versions of both milks are also available in the morning… because sometimes, that’s exactly what you need after a morning of attempting to secure a Rise of the Resistance boarding group.)

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New breakfast items include a Green Milk Bread Pudding, Saka Farm Egg Bite, and a Wamba Yogurt Cup. Now, let’s dig in!

Breakfast at Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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All three items come in little pre-packaged tins with plastic covers, served on a plate and with a disposable plastic spoon. (No, no space sporks here…) It’s also fast since it’s pre-made. Cast Members already had the food options ready on the counter before they even swiped my card. These little food pods definitely get points for convenience and transportability.

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From the left, we have the Wamba Yogurt, the Egg Bite, and the Bread Pudding.

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If you order all three, there are also trays available. The nearest official dining area would still be Ronto Roasters, or if you don’t mind going off-planet, Woody’s Lunch Box.

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Of course, there’s always the handy space trash compactor.

Green Milk Bread Pudding – $6.49

Sweet bread cooked in cardamom, honey, and green milk.

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We start out with the bread pudding, which is incredible, if not life-changing.

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There’s a thick green bready layer on the bottom, and big, crunchy, streusel-type pieces on the top.

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This almost reminds us of a crumb cake covered in yogurt… and the honey is so sweet and good, it almost tastes like caramel. The whole thing is very dessert-like.

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If you’re a fan of Green Milk, you’re definitely going to like this, but if you typically steer away from Green Milk, don’t let its presence in this bread pudding deter you. There’s more crunchy sweet streusel action going on here than Green Milk, so it might make a believer of you just yet.

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The crumbs on top might look a little strange (or like chicken tenders, if you’re still half-asleep like me), but they’re sweet, crunchy, and perfect. Definitely try this out while it’s available.

Saka Farm Egg Bite – $6.99

Egg white with spicy tomato sauce, crumbled feta, and garlic bread crumbles.

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The egg bite is nice and firm, so there’s no worry of undercooked or slimy eggs here.

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The sauce has this amazing bold tomato taste. It’s pretty zesty, and you definitely notice the spice. The bread crumbs and tomato sauce give this a savory, lunch- or brunch-type taste.

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This will wake you up with a spicy bold kick. It’s delicious, hot, and perfect for an early morning. That being said, if you don’t like spicy foods, you may want to skip the egg. It’s not spicy by our standards, but we could see this being too spicy for some, even though we really just think it’s super well seasoned.

Wamba Yogurt Cup – $6.49

Plant-based coconut milk yogurt with green milk and topped with seasonal fruit.

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We were excited at the prospect of coconut yogurt, but this tastes more like sweet Danimals or Trix yogurt.

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It’s smooth, thick, and creamy, and the seasonal fruit is, of course, slimy honeydew and melon. There are little crunchy bits added in, which was fun and broke up the sweet monotony of the breakfast item. Overall, the yogurt would be great for kids, because the fruit is basic and the yogurt is candy-sweet.

We expected to hate the bread pudding, but it’s amazing. It’s not soggy, it’s just moist and delicious. We wouldn’t waste our time on the yogurt, but the egg bite is perfect for a hot breakfast, and as for the bread pudding, they should serve it all day… because we’d buy it every day.

So, will you be opting for some of these new items, or going for your trusty Morning Ronto Wrap? Let us know in the comments!