Cinderella Castle has been fully revealed

PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle Fully Revealed After Refurbishment at Tokyo Disneyland

As we continue our reporting, construction projects rage on at Tokyo Disney Resort, even during the extended COVID-19 closure. The most impactful of which is the Cinderella Castle refurbishment, ongoing since October of last year. And now at last, the iconic castle has finally been fully revealed! Let’s take a look from the Disney Resort Line monorail!

From a distance, it looks as though the park is whole once again. There’s no scaffolds, no Mary Blair-esque covers, none of what we’ve seen since October of last year. It feels so bittersweet to see it like this, considering the state we left it on February 28th.

This is how Cinderella Castle appeared back on February 28th, the final day of operations. It will be nice to return to Tokyo Disneyland after the extended closure finally ends and see the castle we’ve so dearly missed since last October.

A closer look reveals that the upper half of the castle received a nice coat of paint during the extended structural rehab. On the central tower, we can see the same zig-zag pattern present in Florida for years (up until the castle makeover, anyway) has been added. Previously, the whole castle was just blue.

We’re glad to see this project wrap up a bit ahead of schedule. Hopefully things can return to normal soon and we can get a closer look from inside the park! Until then, stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest updates on Tokyo Disney Resort and how COVID-19 affects your local Disney parks.

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