PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Stunning “Beauty and the Beast” Themed Character Room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

If you’re looking for adventure in the great wide somewhere, we’d strongly suggest a trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort. While visiting the resort, guests can enjoy an even more magical stay by booking a character room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. These rooms are inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast and are completely themed from floor to ceiling. Every detail is absolute perfection and you may never want to leave the room. We stayed in the Beauty and the Beast character room while visiting the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and were blown away by all the details. Take a look at this breathtaking room.

The room was gorgeous, with 3 beds, table and chairs, armchairs, and even a couch.

As you enter the room, you’ll find a small vanity perfect for Belle to get ready for a day in the parks.

This was one of the highlights of the room for us. Sultan, the foot stool dog, is the seat for the vanity area. Even the legs are carved to look like feet, and facing the same way. We really wanted to adopt him and take him home with us.

Around the vanity mirror, you’ll find more characters, the enchanted rose, and plenty of books.

You’ll find Disney stories in various places around the wallpaper print, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, and Pocahontas.

The bathroom has a sliding door that can separate the entire area off from the room as well as two individual doors with toilet behind one and a shower and bath tub behind the other. The wallpaper is brighter in here and has more characters, including Mrs. Potts and Chip.

The doors in the bathroom were another favorite feature in this room. They were designed to look like stained glass and show scenes from the movie, including Belle and the prince. When the light is lit inside the room, the colors really pop. On the other side of this door, you’ll find the shower and tub, as well as a window with the enchanted rose.

The other door features the castle scene. You’ll find the toilet behind this one.

The bathroom has a large bath tub, as well as a shower. There’s a small window in the bathroom with an image of the enchanted rose, if you look closely.

You’ll find the toilet on the other side.

Our room had three small beds, each with an image of the rose above, and more book wallpaper in between. Above the beds, curtains were draped to give a bit of the royal treatment to the room.

Belle, reading a book of course, is featured on each bed runner, and the ruffles underneath resembled her gold dress.

Each bed had its own pair of lights directly overhead, perfect for reading.

The headboard colors and design look like those of the furniture in the Beast’s castle, with a stained glass image of the enchanted rose in the center.

The room has a couch, two armchairs chairs, coffee table, and end tables. This made for a great place to sit and enjoy our morning coffee before heading into the parks.

All of the furniture was beautiful, and surprisingly comfortable.

Even the end tables were themed to the room. Every single detail in this room is inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

There’s also a dresser and TV as well as a table and chairs. There’s plenty of places to sit and hang out in this room.

The carpeting was bright and bold with subtle roses in the design. We weren’t surprised, but everything looked so fresh and clean, almost like new. They really work hard to maintain the beauty of this resort, and we appreciate it.

There’s even a small chandelier over the beds. We did say this was themed from floor to ceiling!

There’s also a TV on the dresser, but we were more entertained by the room.

Lumiere and Cogsworth make more subtle appearances in the purple wallpaper throughout the room, in case you missed them hiding in there.

There’s character artwork hung over the coffee and tea area with Belle in a green dress. It really compliments the colors on the walls in this area, too.

You’ll also find some small liquor bottles and glasses in the drawer in case you need a little something after a day in the parks.

There’s a window tucked away behind the curtains next to the bed, in case you were wondering.

This Beauty and the Beast character room really adds a lot of Disney magic to your stay at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. For an even closer look at the room, be sure to check out our room tour below.