REVIEW: Kawaii Donald & Daisy Duck Mini Mousse Cakes from 7-Eleven Japan

While Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea (and the rest of the Disney parks) are closed, we don’t get to try as many kooky or adorable treats as they usually come up with here. Fortunately, however, a trip to my local 7-Eleven here in Tokyo gave me a reprieve. That’s right, there’s two special cakes that look like adorable versions of Donald and Daisy Duck! I couldn’t waste the chance, and just had to try them both! Let’s dive straight in together.

Oh. My. Gosh. These things are so cute! How can you say no to those faces?

Donald Duck Cake (Vanilla & Chocolate) – ¥408 ($3.76)

Ahoy there, Donald! This one came with a vanilla exterior, a white chocolate hat, and chocolate whip and crumbs on the interior. He’s almost so cute that I don’t want to eat him. But alas, I can’t say no to cake. Especially after it’s paid for!

Let’s break it down, layer by layer. On top is the vanilla icing with some vanilla whip directly below. On the left side, there’s a lot more chocolate whip, with the center itself filled with small chocolate graham cracker-like crumbs. Of the two, this was my favorite for the portions and balance between layers, as well as flavor intensity. The chocolate is well-balanced, closer to milk chocolate than dark chocolate taste.

Daisy Duck Cake (Vanilla & Strawberry) – ¥408 ($3.76)

And of course, there’s our dear Daisy Duck as well. With a white chocolate bow and a vanilla exterior, she too is almost too adorable to gobble up!

The Daisy cake leaves a little bit more to be desired. While the strawberry flavoring is excellent, this one has much more whip filling than the Donald. Ironically, this makes it feel more empty, since the chocolate graham crumbs in the Donald cake provided some substance. Plus, this cake features an almost 50-50 split between the vanilla and strawberry whip, compared to the 75-25 chocolate vs vanilla ratio in the Donald cake.I felt like the “light and fluffy” style of Japanese cakes is much more apparent in this as well. But that doesn’t necessarily mean this one’s bad! Again, the strawberry flavoring is excellent, and the plain graham crumbs on the bottom of this retain their flavor without becoming soggy.

All in all, these two cakes, while light and fluffy like most Japanese sweets, are pretty good splurges for convenience store sweets. The designs are undeniably adorable, and the flavors, particularly in the Donald cake, are well worth the cost. You can’t really go wrong either way.

Hopefully we can get back to eating crazy Tokyo Disney Resort food soon, but these are nice ways to tide us over. These are available at 7-Eleven outlets across Japan from April 10th while supplies last, so go check them out!

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