VIDEO: Walt Disney World President Josh D’Amaro Shares Emotional Video of Flag Ceremony at the Magic Kingdom During COVID-19 Closure

Walt Disney World Resort President Josh D’Amaro has always been very active communicating with Cast Members and guests alike on his Instagram page. Even now in times of crisis, as with the unprecedented Disney Parks closure due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, he has shared a touching photo and video of the daily flag raising ceremony at the Magic Kingdom, which continues to this day despite the closures.

Image Credit: Josh D’Amaro on Instagram

From Josh D’Amaro:

“While our world looks very different today, one thing endures… the American flag still flies over Walt Disney World. I’m inspired how our Security Cast Members continue to raise it each and every morning at Magic Kingdom while they are on duty protecting the magic. It’s a symbol that we’re still here and will not falter. I hope this inspires you as well. We will be back. Thanks to all our incredible Cast Members who continue to maintain the magic until that day. Until then, please take care of yourselves and your families. We will see you soon.”

You can watch the flag raising ceremony at the Magic Kingdom in the video below:

Thanks for spreading some hope on this day, @joshdamaro! Feel free to follow him on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes content.

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5 months ago

The park could reopen much faster if they actually stood 6 feet apart or stayed at home instead of creating insta stories

5 months ago
Reply to  CDC

Did…. Did you actually watch any of it?