Face Masks, Plexiglass Dividers, and Temperature Checks Confirmed for Disney Springs Reopening on May 20

Jessica Figueroa

Face Masks, Plexiglass Dividers, and Temperature Checks Confirmed for Disney Springs Reopening on May 20

The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed Eric Clinton, President of the UNITE HERE Local 362 union, which represents service workers across Walt Disney World Resort. In the interview, additional details on health and safety precautions for the reopening of Disney Springs on May 20 were released, as well as new information regarding the reopening of World of Disney and other Disney-owned locations across Disney Springs.

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Additional precautions will be in place for the May 20 reopening, such as the requirement of face masks for both guests and employees. Disney will provide Cast Members with three washable masks. Guests will have their temperature checked upon entry.

Throughout the complex, plexiglass dividers have been installed at registers. Guests will swipe their own payments cards, as they will no longer be handled by employees. Custodians will be retrained to focus on cleaning high-traffic, high-touch areas.

Disney has developed new global training guidelines for park employees amid the pandemic. The company will also hold monthly safety meetings, with which the union will be involved.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I am so happy about the temperature checks and mask requirements. For all the people ranting and raving about it, most people will not take a fever reducer and even if the temperature checks eliminate a handful of people that could potentially infect others, it will be successful. I highly commend Disney for being strict, bold, and unwavering about masks. They are critical and extremely effective. Simply look at the data from areas requiring them. No, getting your temperature checked is not against your rights. Neither is requiring you to wear a mask. If you’ve never stomped your feet and thrown a temper tantrum about being required to wear a shirt or shoes inside a business, you have no place having a hissy fit over a mask. And if you have, you need a major reality check. The world doesn’t revolve around you and businesses are allowed to require whatever they want to from those expecting admission.Most people understand that. No, this isn’t going to stop people from going to Disney Springs or to the parks when they reopen. People puffing out their chests and holding their breath trying to get attention isn’t going to get so much as an eye blink from Disney. It’s not going to put even a dent in the number of people wanting to be there. All “protesting” will accomplish is freeing up the space for someone else. Just like Disneyland in Shanghai filled all their slots within minutes, there are countless people clamoring to return to the parks and to Disney Springs, and they are mature and responsible enough to handle basic health and safety requirements like getting their temperature checked and wearing a mask. Your temperature is no more your private information untouchable by anyone other than your doctor than your weight is when you go to a water park and they weigh a group before getting on a slide. Will some people get turned away needlessly? Sure. Is that an acceptable price to pay to protect the greater public? Absolutely. And, yes, I would say the same thing even if I was turned away. You don’t scream ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. You don’t get behind the wheel drunk. And you don’t act like a spoiled brat and risk passing a deadly infection on to others. You have no way of knowing if you are a carrier, asymptomatic, or even just have the germs attached to you from earlier exposure. There is not a single person who can say they will without a shadow of a doubt not pass it along to other people, even those who have had it before. Immunity is not guaranteed and it is still possible to pass it through contact germs. If more people stopped being so selfish and arrogant, this would be a much different situation.

    • Screening and restrictions for those entering private property like Disney are lawful given its private property. However, it is ever more distressing to see how quickly people are to cede such rights to like government draconian measures, which are unconstitutional without any legal basis short of the president declaring martial law. The guise of “public health” cannot be a mantra that people give the political elite to assert yet even more illegal control over our lives. This country was founded on individualism and self-determination and is not supposed to be a police state. If society is not careful further growth of government tyranny in this situation will set a dangerous precedent and further embolden similar illegal government overreach going forward.

    • If you feel the need to wear a hazmat suit one should probably not seek out Disney as your next vacation destination during the summer. At least for the time being. If you are afraid of someone not donning a mask then you probably should stay home. Mean mugging and derogatory comments spoken under your breath is not necessary or even out loud or via the internet. I hardly see a toddler or even a school aged child having the self discipline on not touching their face mask especially speaking during the hot and humid summer months. I am not against masks by any means. If you want to wear one to make you feel more comfortable go for it. There are multiple factors also with temperature checks I can see that aren’t 100% fool proof. Not all thermometers including the high end medical grade ones used in hospitals/clinics are not always 100% accurate. Some individuals run higher body temps. then others especially when medication is involved. Your surroundings can also affect thermometer readings. People can always take fever reducing meds. before entering a park to throw off a temp. check. High heat and humidity also raises one’s body temp. Wearing face masks also during these high humidity and temps. can induce over heating. I smell lawsuits in the future for Disney in my opinion since we live in a sue happy nation if this indeed becomes “mandatory” during summer months. Maybe Disney needs everyone to sign a waiver during COVID-19 stating they are in no way shape or form responsible if someone comes down with COVID-19 while on property and or two weeks post visit. You can pick this up anywhere and contact tracing is really not of much help. I think “strongly encouraging” face masks during cold/flu season would have better results of cooperation. Reality is going to one of the most highly germ infested places on Earth with thousands of people in my opinion you have 50/50 chance of catching something. If you have ever ridden on their buses to and from resorts you understand you are being packed in like sardines. Can you say safety hazard? We all board the bus with that in mind. We all still visit Disney knowing we could always bring back a cold, sinus infection or whatever.

    • And this is America’s problem. Y’all focus too much on individualism when at times like these we need to be thinking about EVERYONE. Stop being selfish.

      • Being concerned about lawfulness and civil liberties is not selfish. It is a public service and you are grossly mischaracterizing people’s reservations to draconian government edicts. Sounds like most of the people on this forum would be happier in a communist country under an authoritarian regime. If you do not believe in the rule of law, perhaps you should relocate.

  2. The protocols are being made public for a reason. They are informing us what DW plans to do.

    If those guidelines are unacceptable to anyone, then reconsider making the trip at this time.

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