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Sneak Peek of New Limited Edition May Release Pins Coming Soon to shopDisney

If you’ve been scanning shopDisney like we have, you may have noticed that the site has released a sneak peek at the new limited edition pins coming in May. Part of the official Disney Pin trading line, these three news pins may be the perfect gift, thank you, or just the thing you need to complete a collection. Let’s see what’s new, shall we?

LE pins

One of the first pins being released May 7th is a Little Mermaid pin featuring Ariel and Flounder. This locket style pin has Ariel’s famous “thing-a-mamabobs” lyric written across it while an actual silver fork, or dinglehopper, hangs from a small chain below it.

The other is a pin celebrating the graduates of 2020, with the words “The key is to dream big” printed on it. Since many people will be missing their graduation ceremony this year, this will for sure be a great gift and gesture to celebrate the achievements of someone you’re close to.

LE Nurse Pin

The last pin, being released on May 12th, is in honor of Nurses Day, with a hanging piece saying “I earned these ears”, and every nurse around the world certainly has during this time.

All of these pins are part of the Disney Parks Pin Release line that has been moved to shopDisney with the ongoing park closures. Each pin will go on sale on their respective dates at 7 AM PDT (10 AM EDT), so set an alarm, because these tend to sell out pretty quickly. Happy shopping, and happy trading!

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