shopDisney to Launch New Virtual Waiting Room for Star Wars Day Merchandise Release on May the 4th

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Despite all of the amazing upcoming releases for Star Wars Day on May the 4th, we’ve had a bad feeling about the shopDisney ones, given all of the recent issues with website crashes, glitches, and even automated bots snatching up limited release items before actual humans can get through the checkout process. Well, shopDisney has heard our transmission for help and is rolling out a “virtual waiting room” on the website for the upcoming release on Star Wars Day.

On May the 4th, shoppers can utilize a new virtual waiting room available on the shopDisney website for their turn in a virtual queue to shop all of the Star Wars Day collectibles. This feature will not be available on the shopDisney App. No details have been released on when the virtual waiting room will open or how exactly it will function, but all releases are set to go live at 10:00 AM (ET) / 7:00 AM (PT) on Monday, May 4th.

The hold screen used to mitigate traffic to the shopDisney site during the launch of the popular Disney protective face masks.

If you were among the many fans attempting to purchase Face Masks on shopDisney when they were released earlier this week, a hold screen like the one pictured above was used to keep your place “in line” while the site experienced heightened traffic, so it seems they quietly tested the feature (or one similar to it) and are hopeful it will assist in a more orderly online shopping experience.

You can check out the full lineup of merchandise coming to shopDisney for Star Wars Day on May the 4th by clicking here.

Will you be braving the virtual lines at shopDisney to get your Star Wars merchandise fix this year? Let us know in the comments. And if you aren’t looking to wait in any lines, virtual or otherwise, you can shop tons of Star Wars Day deals from other retailers like LEGO, Her Universe, and more by clicking here.

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  1. Ugh, that gave me flashbacks to the Galaxy Edge’s reservation system, which also crashed and lagged. Not optimistic. The only way it will work is if it somehow blocks automated shopping bots.

  2. There was no virtual waiting room.. it was ALL LIES… Thanks for nothing @ShopDisney… Another shopdisney EPIC FAIL!!!!

  3. Even with the virtual queue and getting to “shop” at 10:03 I still couldn’t buy any of the limited edition items. Not pleased at all.

  4. No luck here. Mugs were out of stock by the time the page would actually load at 7:10. Waste of time.

  5. Ya’ll should do an expose about how bad the websites are and how they let all the bots buy everything because they put a “max 10” restriction on items. How people (not bots) who waited for hours for this had items in the carts and couldn’t check out because of payment processing issues on the website. Nevermind the fact that their QUEUE didn’t show up until 10 so people spammed in rather than waiting like some of us.

  6. ….and it was a NIGHTMARE (as expected). The site crashed immediately at 7:00 PST, and I spent the next 45 minutes trying to make anything happen. Walked away empty-handed and extremely frustrated with ShopDisney’s incompetence.

  7. No, it wasn’t helpful. The site is still a disaster. Much, much worse than compared to last month’s main attraction set.

  8. I’ve tried to place an order this morning since the May 4th sale started. I actually got signed in, ordered, put in my credit card and awards cards info, code for free shipping, and pushed to send. It told me I couldn’t send it. I double checked everything and it was. I’m still trying to go back in☹️

  9. Been waiting in the “waiting room” for about 2.5 hours now. Have a feeling if/when I get in any Star Wars merch will be gone and already posted on ebay (which I’ve already seen).

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