Disneyland Union Members Demanding Not to Reopen Disneyland Resort on July 17 Due to Safety Concerns

While the news that Disneyland Park would reopen on July 17 was met with much excitement, Disneyland union members are demanding that the parks do not reopen at this time to keep Cast Members safe.

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According to The Orange County Register, The Coalition of Resort Labor Unions, representing over 17,000 Disneyland Cast Members, have written to the California Governor Gavin Newsom demanding that the theme park not open as planned.

“Disney wants clearance from the government to reopen the Disneyland Resort in July,” according to the letter from the Coalition of Resort Labor Unions. “Unfortunately, despite intensive talks with the company, we are not yet convinced that it is safe to reopen the parks on Disney’s rapid timetable… We are not yet satisfied that it is safe to reopen the resort. There are numerous questions about safety which Disney has not yet answered.”

Although the Disneyland Resort have assured both guests and Cast Members that enhanced safety measures would be implemented throughout the property, it still isn’t enough for these union members.

“Disney has rejected or not yet responded to important safety proposals made by CRLU member unions,” according to the union letter. “Therefore, at this point we do not know if the resort can be operated safely.”

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8 thoughts on “Disneyland Union Members Demanding Not to Reopen Disneyland Resort on July 17 Due to Safety Concerns”

  1. This annoys me. No one is protesting Universal Studios, which is in L.A & has a lot more cases. Why Disneyland?

  2. This piece seems very pro Disney and anti safety. The reasonable measures being asked for are to ensure the safety of everyone involved and reduce the spread of covid 19. People are being asked to risk their health and lives for others entertainment value and the unions are trying to limit risk to their members.

  3. Each Cast Member has the choice to stay furloughed so if they feel uncomfortable then just stay furloughed. The Disney parks including Disneyland and DCA need to reopen to start getting us on track to getting back to normal. Plus, all of the other theme parks in California are reopening so why should Disneyland stay closed. They shouldn’t. They should reopen as planned on July 17th.

  4. I think they’re correct. Any time you have large crowds you’re likely to have a super-spreading effect to this virus… Until there’s a vaccine, no place should open where people gather and are in groups larger than 10.

  5. Awe what do you want to sit at home an collect that government cheese until it runs out? Loving that extra money they’re throwing at you aren’t you? Why didn’t you stay home for months during last year’s flu season, or the Ebola or tb outbreak? Come on Chicken Little the skies not falling. Take the diapers off and put your big boy and girl panties on and go back to work. I’m around this virus EVERYDAY and I’m still alive to talk about it. You need to turn off the TV and do some actual research. You are panicking over something with a LESS than 1% mortality rate. You literally have a greater chance of dying or hurting yourself driving to work and being at work than you do of dying or becoming severely ill from Covid.

  6. Does anyone know if these Disney Union Members are still getting paid from the Union, while the Park is closed??

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