PHOTOS: Bright Pink Cinderella Castle and TRON Lightcycle Run Construction from Disney’s Contemporary Resort

With the reopening of DVC Resorts to members and their guests today, we were able to get our first real look at a project that we’d been following very closely before the closure of the parks: the makeover of Cinderella Castle.

Right away, the new vibrant blue roofs stand out against even the brightest blue Florida sky. You’ll also notice its new rosy hue, as the walls have been transformed during the closure from grey to rose gold pink. Eagle-eyed readers will notice in the left of this photo other favorite attractions and even a little bit of Main Street, USA.

Taking a closer look at the castle, you can see a crane is up against the back of the castle, meaning painting is actively underway.

With the gold accents added to finish the look, these vibrant new colors certainly make a statement. Are you a fan of the new look, or do you miss the original color scheme? Let us know in the comments!

Also visible from the Contemporary Resort is a bit of the construction for TRON Lightcycle Run. The backside of the show building can be seen here with track exiting the building on the right, and the massive crane used to set the track pieces looming overhead.

Daylight can be seen through the top left-hand corner of the building, as well as through a patch further down seen through the scaffolding-like structure on the outside of the building.

While construction was halted across Disney property for much of the closure, work has recently resumed. We are eager to see what work will have been completed by reopening day on July 11, 2020!

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Jerry Alonso
Jerry Alonso
12 days ago

I’ve been coming to Disney World since 1972 and the old color in the castle was the original, am sure Uncle Walt would NOT approve of the new color design.

Steven Williams
Steven Williams
12 days ago

I like the bright blue but the pink just doesn’t look good at all. Sad to see it looking like this and in future family pictures.

Nic Butterworth
Nic Butterworth
12 days ago

Sadly I’m really not a fan of the new color scheme. I didn’t mind the CGI too much as the pink was far paler. But this just feels too terracotta. Maybe it will fade, but if I were disney I’d go back to the original scheme!

dawn L vasquez
dawn L vasquez
11 days ago

ughhh SERIOUSLY. ok maybe i hate change but DL has Sleeping beauties pink castle and WE HAD OUR LOVELY Cinderellas/ Price Charming castle from the movie which is NOT PINK. who is running Disney? dislike. ick. boo and NO

5 days ago

Woody leaves the crew and now this!! Lol I hope it looks better in person! Im confused as to why they picked PINK. Does it have anything to do with the projection elements of their night time shows? Maybe it will enhance the color saturation? Idk either way looks ugly :( I’m pretty sure Cinderella castle isnt pink in the movie.

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