PHOTOS: New “See The Stars, Ride The Movies” 30th Anniversary Lanyard Debuts at Universal Studios Florida

Happy 30th Birthday Universal Studios Florida! We’re here celebrating with the classic park when we stumbled onto a new piece of merchandise. Earlier in the week, we found lots of new shirts, hats, and even a belt bag celebrating the 30th anniversary. Many pieces of this retro line are sporting the tag line “See The Stars, Ride The Movies,” with art from the classic attractions this park has become known for.

New to this line is a “See The Stars, Ride The Movies” lanyard.

Universal Studios 30th Anniversary Laynard

Along the sides of the lanyard with bright white, bold text we get the words “See The Stars, Ride The Movies.”

Universal Studios 30th Anniversary Laynard

On the inside of the lanyard is art from the classic attractions. King Kong is featured attempting to tear down a hanging cable car, Jaws is attacking a boat, while E.T. looks ominously in the distance. Around the neck are logos for Back to the Future The Ride and Earthquake.

Universal Studios 30th Anniversary Laynard

The lanyard features a detachable plastic holder that’s great for holding Annual Passes, I.Ds or credit cards. The front of the pouch features the Universal Studios Florida neon sign marquee.

We found this lanyard at the Universal Studios Store at Universal Studios Florida, but it can also be found at the Universal Studio Stores located at the resorts. It is currently retailing for $14.00.

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