PHOTOS: Raglan Road Irish Pub and Shop for Ireland Store Reopens at Disney Springs with Unique Social Distancing Signage


Raglan Road entrance at Disney Springs

PHOTOS: Raglan Road Irish Pub and Shop for Ireland Store Reopens at Disney Springs with Unique Social Distancing Signage

Can you hear an Irish jig in the distance? That’s because Raglan Road Irish Pub has reopened today at Disney Springs! The restaurant has reopened its doors, along with other restaurants that have begun to reopen in phases with new social distancing measures in place.

raglan road reopening 3

Raglan Road staff even put a face mask on the statue of Patrick Kavanagh that sits outside the pub. Kavanagh was one of Ireland’s most renowned poets and novelists, and he wrote the poem “On Raglan Road”, which inspired the pub’s name.

raglan road reopening 4

The outdoor bar has yet to reopen, and there are no social distancing markers in place surrounding it at this time.

raglan road reopening 9

Raglan Road’s new limited menu, featuring Chef’s Favorites, has been placed outside on display.

raglan road reopening 10

On the other side of the A-frame is a list of all the new safety measures that are in place to keep the Raglan Road friends and family safe, with some tongue-in-cheek instructions to follow.

raglan road reopening 5

Social distancing markers have been placed by the doors furthest to the left, forming a sort of queue for guests to enter. Guests were eager to get back inside, waiting around for the grand reopening this afternoon and forming their own queue until the doors officially opened up.

raglan road reopening 7
raglan road reopening 14

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been mounted onto the doors for guests to use while they enter.

raglan road reopening 12

A plexiglass barrier has been placed around the check-in counter, as well as social distancing markers placed along the floor to keep guests six feet apart.

raglan road reopening 11
raglan road reopening 13

The door on the far right has been designated an exit-only for the time being, with a roped-off queue leading out from the boutique shop, Shop for Ireland.

raglan road reopening 16
raglan road reopening 15

Social distancing markers have been placed throughout the small store, making sure guests keep their distance as they shop.

raglan road reopening 17

Some of the bright green stripes features Raglan Road’s circular logo printed on them.

raglan road reopening 18

While others have fun little sayings on them, like this one that reads “Hey fiddley dee please keep 6ft away from me.”

raglan road reopening 22
raglan road reopening 20
raglan road reopening 21
raglan road reopening 25
raglan road reopening 19

Large pricing signage has been added by some of the t-shirts, so guests refrain from touching the merchandise unless absolutely necessary.

raglan road reopening 1

Small green signs like this are also posted throughout the gift shop to remind guests to refrain from touching the products as much.

raglan road reopening 24

The cash registers have new plexiglass barriers up as well.

raglan road reopening 23

Raglan Road’s social distance markers are probably the most original that we’ve seen, and definitely keep with the theme of their restaurant.

Will you be heading down to Raglan Road for a pint and some chips? Let us know in the comments!


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