RUMOR: Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge Construction Stalled; Project Reportedly Cancelled


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RUMOR: Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge Construction Stalled; Project Reportedly Cancelled


Updated on:

RUMOR: Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge Construction Stalled; Project Reportedly Cancelled

A new rumor is circulating around that the DVC resort Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge, may actually have been quietly canceled.

This rumor started on a WDWMagic forum, where it was noted that grass seed was found on the site where the resort was planned to be. Typically, this is a step that would occur at the end of construction, not right in the middle.

reflectionscanceled 2
Image credit to WDWMagic Forum

In the screenshot above, in the yellow box, you’ll find it was also noted that crews (that were canceled) have been seen removing rebar and concrete from the project.

It’s been known that DVC already has a lot of unsold inventory and many owners are now foreclosing due to the economy and COVID-19, so it could make sense that Disney wouldn’t want to open another DVC property.

This could also be tied to the $900 million decrease in capital expenditures from canceled and postponed projects we heard about in the Walt Disney Company Q2 earnings call.

Of course, all of this is unconfirmed, especially since we’ve seen construction on the Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge site during the COVID-19 closure back in April.

Please continue to follow along with us at WDWNT as we update the story.

11 thoughts on “RUMOR: Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge Construction Stalled; Project Reportedly Cancelled”

    • I bet when that resort opened it would be selling at $210/point and you would be lucky to sell it for $120/point resale with the restrictions.

  1. Sooooo let’s move that Tiana restaurant to Port Orleans French Quarter… where it should have gone in the first place…

  2. It’s like Pop Century all over again, but now Fort Wilderness won’t lose theming with that next door. Although I am upset about the Tiana themed restaurant, it’s been 11 years and Tiana hasn’t made a presence in the parks with her restaurant, maybe she’s almost there.

  3. That was a great location but made me feel a bit uncomfortable. It would intrude on the campgrounds which was always a place of serenity and quite. The thought of the towers looming over parts of the settlement bothered me.
    Time will tell though, it may only be delayed.

  4. i have previously stated in another post that these overabundance of disney resorts is becoming an overkill. its more quantity and less quality.

  5. An important note. Grass seed on site is also frequently used as an Erosion Control measure. It’s states frequently require you to but certain types of “Best Management Practices” in place during construction to both prevent dust in dry weather (which makes everything dirty damages equipment, not to mention isn’t exactly great for health) and erosion of soils into concrete storm drain systems (can create blockages in the line).
    Sod is very common to be used in projects that require “downtime” either due to construction stoppage or other factors like surcharge loading.
    Additionally, rebar has to be used within a relatively short amount of time. Rebar comes “prerusted” usually – as the oxidation of the steel helps it bind to the concrete. However that’s a double edge sword – as if the rebar is sitting out and exposed to the elements, it might rust too far, resulting in poor performance.
    Lastly, removing concrete is prohibitively expensive… Disney would be more likely to finish the surface than remove foundation pours. I wouldn’t throw a lot of weight at this rumor.

  6. The whole theme of this “reflections” resort is a joke. No real theme. No transporting guests to another place and time. Just a modernized elegance, which one could find at any chain Hilton hotel or timeshare. Keep it cancelled, go back to the drawing board, and give us fans something we can get excited about!

  7. Aww man! I hope it isn’t cancelled. My wife’s favorite 2 princesses are Pocahontas & Tiana and I was hoping to surprise her with a stay here. Hopefully they won’t cancel it.

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