SHOP: New “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” Toy Story Matching Shirts Now Available on shopDisney

It’s time to say “Howdy, partner!”, as shopDisney has just released two new shirts featuring the iconic toys from Pixar’s “Toy Story”.

friend shirts

Gone are the days of “couples shirt” and welcome in the times of matching with your best bud. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your “BFF” or want to match with a loved one while walking through the Disney Parks, these adorable new shirts are just the thing you need.

Buzz Lightyear Friend T-Shirt – $24.99

Buzz Friend Shirt

Featuring the Space Ranger himself, the first shirt has Buzz Lightyear encompassed in a distressed blue circle with the lyrics “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” surrounding him.

Woody Friend T-Shirt -$24.99

Woody Friend Shirt

While the matching shirt has Sheriff Woody, tipping his hat, with a similar design only now in red. You will also notice the background which is in no doubt a nod to the iconic “Toy Story” clouds.

These shirts definitely bring up a lot of nostalgia and any duo would be lucky to be sporting them. These new additions to shopDisney are sure to sell out fast, so if I were you, I’d coordinate with a friend quickly and order these ASAP! Each shirt will cost you the standard $24.99 and can be ordered now.


  • Jilly Hite

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