Universal Orlando Resort Lifts Summer Blockout Dates for Seasonal Passholders; Blockouts Partially Lifted at Volcano Bay

Seasonal Passholders are getting more chances to enjoy the summer at Universal Orlando’s theme parks.

With the parks recently reopening to guests, blockout dates through the month of July have been lifted for Seasonal Passes at Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Currently, December 19th through the 31st are the only blocked out dates remaining in 2020 for the two parks.

At Universal’s Volcano Bay, blockouts for 3-Park Seasonal and Power Annual Passes have been lifted from June 12th through the 30th, as well as August 1st through the 16th. For 3-Park Power and Preferred Annual Passes, guests can visit the water park any time after 4 PM throughout July, while Seasonal Passes remain blocked out for that month.

Will you be taking advantage of the lifted dates? Share your opinions in the comments!

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23 days ago

This just convinced us to purchase the seasonal pass. We are going for a day in 10 days and was considering the seasonal pass because we have a non-refundable stay at Disney in July. With all the uncertainties there, we will probably visit Universal instead.

23 days ago

It’s so frustrating to see all of the perks Universal passholders are getting when Disney hasn’t even bothered to release any info to their passholders about how to get into the parks, how many days they can reserve and when passholder previews will be. It’s upsetting that Universal passholders are getting more access and don’t have to suffer through a reservation system while Disney APs are losing benefits with no answer about whether or not passes will be extended for the reservation period.

23 days ago

I hope Disney follows suit for the “weekday” passholders, as it is blacked out for July! I hope I can visit during the previews and the month of July vs waiting until August.

22 days ago

Everything that Disney should be doing, universal is doing it. I like this idea. Your chances of winning the reservation lottery are less to begin with. Why not eliminate pass holder block outs , so that they get more chances of winning the reservation lottery

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