Ride Rehab Season Finale and Q&A TONIGHT at 9:00 PM (ET)

Ride Rehab, the WDWNT podcast of ridiculously reskinning rides and attractions at Walt Disney World, is coming to an end for now! Listen to the final episode LIVE and then join hosts Tyler and Thomas for a chat about the finale, and answering questions in the chat!

Tyler and Thomas have been on the run from Disney Security for years now, and who knows what Bob C. is going to do to them after challenging them to a Rehab! Will they escape the parks, or does a darker fate await them! Find out in this special finale episode of Ride Rehab LIVE!

Each episode on the Ride Rehab Podcast, Tyler and Thomas put themselves into an Imagineering writers room to blue sky absurd ideas for overlaying existing attractions with infinite time and money. Our podcast feed is not going to be dead! We will be posting new stuff on it as soon as we know how Ride Rehab will continue. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or watch / listen on YouTube.

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