Mother of Son with Autism Loses Court Battle Against Disney After Suing Over Disability Access Allowances

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A Florida mother has lost a court battle against Disney following a dispute over the updated allowances given to autistic guests through the Walt Disney World Disability Access Service.

Ms. Donna Lorman, who is the President of the Autism Society of Greater Orlando, has lost the legal claim she was seeking, following Disney’s refusal to allow her adult son, who suffers from autism, to skip lines at the theme parks. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Lorman was in disagreement with the resort’s Disability Access Service policy. As it stands, this program enables qualifying guests and their parties to obtain a return time for individual rides, so they can enter the FastPass queue at a later time, rather than wait in the long lines.

Lorman was not seeking a financial settlement from Disney, and was instead wanting to increase the number of re-admission passes her son would receive from approximately five, to ten.

The court battle was lost by Lorman, with US District Judge Anne Conway declaring the request ‘unreasonable’. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Judge explained that “requiring the modification, based on the history of the former system, would lead to fraud and overuse, lengthen the wait times significantly for non-disabled guests, and fundamentally alter Disney’s business model.” Thus, implying that a more relaxed system would only result in the abuse of the access service, which would not be fair to other guests.

A similar lawsuit was filed and went to court earlier this year, when a man with autism also filed for more lax allowances using the Disability Access Service.

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