Permit Filed for Build-Out of Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew at Disney Springs

Those looking forward to starting their day off at Disney Springs with a strong cup of cold brew and a sweet, glazed donut are now one step closer to their caffeine goals with the filing of this permit for the build-out of the newly-announced Everglazed.

The permit, which was just filed this morning, lists the following general description: “Interior build-out, exterior renovation, and exterior trellis.”

While it’s still unconfirmed exactly where this will go, we’ve seen some interesting developments near Pop Gallery and Splitsville recently. So far, the only work we’ve seen going on behind walls here is a refurbishment and replacement of pavers, but since the permit does list an exterior renovation, this may be tied to the Everglazed project.

In any case, Pop Gallery is still set to return on July 3rd.

A launch date have yet to be revealed for the location, but we’re excited for this new coffee and pastry addition to Disney Springs! The new location has its own website, but for now it is just a “Coming Soon” page. Stay tuned for more details from Everglazed.

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11 months ago

The address leads to “Pop Gallery”. This permit may be related only to that store, OR that’s the future location of Everglazed. Which would make sense as it’s run by the same company as Splitsville.