PHOTOS: Doraemon x Jurassic World Merchandise Rampages Into Universal Studios Japan

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To promote the new Doraemon film “Nobita’s New Dinosaur” releasing August 6th in Japan, Universal Studios Japan and Toho have teamed up to combine the world-famous Doraemon with Jurassic World to create some adorable new merchandise! So let’s take a look at these new items available now at Jurassic Outfitters in Jurassic Park!

Pouch – ¥1800 ($16.79)

Featuring Doraemon, the Jurassic Park gate, the Universal globe, Kyu and Myu, a T-Rex, and a pteranodon along with logo iconography for both USJ and Nobita’s New Dinosaur, this pouch will keep your pens and pencils safe from prying eyes and dinosaurs!

Etched Glass Cube – ¥2500 ($23.31)

Featuring Doraemon along with an egg, the Jurassic Park gate, and the Universal globe, this cube can be placed on an LED stand to create a cute light-up souvenir.

Charm Collection – ¥800 ($7.46) Each

Each box contains one of eight possible charms featuring an egg and a Doraemon character along with an adorable dinosaur!

Multi-Color Pen – ¥2500 ($23.31)

Featuring Doraemon, the film title, and Universal Studios Japan written on it, this pen comes with red, green, black, and blue ink as well as a mechanical pencil function.

A4 Clear File Set – ¥800 ($7.46)

Featuring adorable iconography and characters from both franchises, these two folders will help keep your papers safe from nosy dinosaurs (or robot cats!)

Charm Set – ¥1900 ($17.72)

If you want to adorn your phone or backpack with some adorable Doraemon x Jurassic World charms, look no further! I personally wouldn’t mind having Doraemon riding a T-rex on my backpack.

T-Shirts – ¥3300 ($30.77) for Kids, ¥3700 ($34.50) for Adults

These two shirts feature mash-ups of icons from Jurassic World alongside characters from the upcoming Nobita’s New Dinosaur film to create cute and unique designs!

Mug – ¥1500 ($13.99)

If coffee mugs are more your style, you can’t go wrong with these Doraemon x Jurassic World mugs featuring the adorable robot cat himself alongside eggs and a T-rex!

Cookies & Chocolate Crunch – ¥1400 ($13.05)

In typical Japanese fashion, there’s also a themed omiyage box of souvenir treats that you can take home to a fan of Doraemon after your trip to Universal Studios Japan! Pretty cute, isn’t it?

And that’s the new Doraemon x Jurassic World line available at Universal Studios Japan! This adorable line won’t be here forever, so make sure you visit Osaka or find someone in the area ASAP if you’re a big Doraemon fan! And be sure to stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today, your best source for news from Universal Studios Japan in Osaka!

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