PHOTOS: First Look at Socially-Distanced River Entertainment and Wilderness Explorer Modifications for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Reopening

Jeff Vahle, President of the Walt Disney World Resort, paid Disney’s Animal Kingdom a visit today as Cast Members prepare for the theme park reopening. In a series of photos on his Instagram, you can catch a glimpse at the ways the park plans to handle social distancing and keeping Guests safe.

Image: Jeff Vahle
Image: Jeff Vahle
Image: Jeff Vahle

A photo from the bridge shows Cast Members on a boat on the water playing musical instruments, which is a part of the parks’ plan to allow characters to still interact with Guests throughout the day from a safe distance.

Image: Jeff Vahle

Another image shows a new way to interact with the Wilderness Explorers. Have no fear, you’ll still be able to earn your badges and become a Senior Wilderness Explorer, just from a safe distance.

Seeing these photos has us even more excited to visit the parks when they reopen starting July 11th, which is just a week away!

Will you be visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom when the park reopens? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Jeff Vahle

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