PHOTOS: New Figment Shoulder Plush Released Early at EPCOT, Arrives Officially 8/8

Needing a spark of inspiration? This Figment shoulder plush should help out with that!

Image Credit: alltimelow77

This tiny plush features our favorite purple dragon, proudly wearing his iconic yellow shirt with his name “Figment” written in bold red text on the front.

Image Credit: alltimelow77

Due to a mistake over at ImageWorks, this shoulder plush was released early on July 25th, then quickly taken away and is no longer on display.

Image Credit: alltimelow77
Image Credit: alltimelow77

Don’t worry, Figment will be back soon and searching for his forever home beginning August 8th, 2020. Will you be rushing out to pick up this new shoulder plush, or would you prefer Mushu from “Mulan” or Pascal from “Tangled”?

Featured Image: alltimelow77 from ebay

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