VIDEO: Characters Respond to Early Earthquake Warning During Parade at Tokyo Disneyland; Warning Issued by Mistake

Guests at Tokyo Disneyland this morning believed they were being greeted by some of nature’s strongest forces, as the daily Greeting Parade or aisatsu was interrupted by an Early Earthquake Warning. It was later announced that the warning was issued by mistake, although guests claim to have felt a mild tremor.

The parade was stopped mid-way as guests were urged to duck and cover by both Cast Members and socially-distanced characters aboard the floats.

Later on, a park-wide announcement was made indicating that the Warning was issued in error.

The announcement, made in Japanese and English, stated the following:

“Ladies and gentlemen. The Emergency Earthquake Warning announced previously was issued by mistake. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you.”

No guests or characters were harmed in the false Emergency Earthquake Warning.

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