Disney+ Developing New Group Watch Party Function Coming Soon

Charly Shelton

Disney+ Developing New Group Watch Party Function Coming Soon

Get ready to watch your favorite Disney+ shows and movies with your friends. According to some new code that was added to the streaming service, and as first reported by DisneyPlusInformer.com, it looks like Disney has added the functionality for a “Group Watch” feature. This would allow viewers to watch a film in sync with another account or profile at a different location. The first user sends an email invite to the second user, who clicks to accept the invite. If the second user doesn’t have a Disney+ account, they can create one to join the show.


There will also be a running chat stream for the accounts to have a real-time commentary on the program. The feature will have a PIN code to prevent children or other unauthorized users from initiating a Group Watch session. Additionally, a child’s profile cannot initiate the Group Watch feature. This way parents are aware of when their child is Group Watching and with who.

No word on how, or if, this will work on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, or any other streaming devices. This is likely to be browser-specific, meaning it would have to be used on the computer. Also, no word on when this feature may be enabled. For now, the Group Watch feature is silently waiting within the code for everything else on the site, but it is not currently accessible or usable by viewers. The developers may still be working on this code to get to its final form, and then they will have to turn this feature on when it’s ready to launch.

Are you looking forward to Disney+ bringing Group Watch to the service? Let us know in the comments below. For more stories like this, be sure to check out all the new titles coming to Disney+ next month, or find out when you can see “Mulan” on the streaming service.

Source: Disney Plus Informer


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