PHOTO: Ospreys Tear Through Plastic Nesting Barrier at Jurassic Park “Velocicoaster” Site in Universal’s Islands of Adventure

When Dr. Ian Malcom said, “life finds a way,” this is what he meant.

osprey tears through plastic wrap velocicoaster universals islands of adventure bioreconstruct
(Image Credit: @bioreconstruct on Twitter)

A few weeks ago, the site of the unannounced “Velocicoaster” at Universal’s Islands of Adventure got a surprise visitor in an osprey, who made a nest at the roller coaster’s highest point. Obviously, birds of prey and construction equipment aren’t a good mix, so it seems Universal wrapped that portion of the track in a blue plastic wrap to deter ospreys from staying there. But aerial photographer @bioreconstruct noticed that the birds would not be denied, as the wrap had been shredded through. So now it’s raptors vs. raptors (another term for birds of prey) as construction continues.

For more on the feathered visitors, be sure to check out our video of the osprey nested on the coaster track!

Featured Image: @bioreconstruct on Twitter