PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/24/20 (New Character Cavalcade Social Distancing Markers, NBA Playoff Merchandise Arrives, Caricatures and Silhouettes Carts Reopen, and More)

Hello from a very hot and humid Magic Kingdom! With all the new Halloween merchandise out, we were hoping for a little bit of cooler weather to get in the holiday spirit, but Mother Nature and Florida had other plans. We’ll just have to sip our iced pumpkin latte to cool off in the meantime. Let’s get started!

On our morning Monorail ride into the park, we noticed a few more exterior panels have been installed on the show building for Tron Lightcycle Run in the last few days. While not all of the new ones have it, a good way to spot the new ones is the clear film still stuck to the outside.

Where last week masking tape “X” marks were being used to test using social distancing markers for guests to use while viewing Character Cavalcades, new, more permanent dot decals were installed last night. We noticed that these dots seem to be a little over six feet apart, allowing for families or groups traveling together to stand together comfortably without crowding the spot next to them.

At the Emporium, a whole new line of merchandise has arrived in honor of the NBA Playoffs. New shirts, tanks, hoodies, basketballs, Tervis cups, and even a Spirit Jersey have swished into the Magic Kingdom.

The Spirit Jersey is definitely our favorite piece of the collection. Just look at that “hidden” Mickey!

New window displays have arrived at the Emporium as well, including this new Villains themed one. It’s good to be bad!

The Silhouettes and Caricatures booths reopened today with social distancing measures in place. The artists will be working mostly from photographs now, but luckily they’ve made it super easy to use the photos on your phone to get a caricature or a silhouette done.

The Parasol Booth also reopened, and is still offering personalization services as usual.

The D-Tech On Demand kiosks have been turned off and some replaced with new maDe kiosks at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co, effectively replacing D-Tech entirely. We noticed some MagicBand designs were no longer available, and hope that the full catalog comes back soon.

We checked in on the construction site at Tron Lightcycle / Run and could see a lot of work being done on the canopy structure. The worksite was very active today, and the crane was being used to hoist large pieces around.

A third barrier was installed in the queue for “it’s a small world,” allowing the line for the attraction to utilize this space while maintaining social distance.

The wait time for the attraction at midday was 10 minutes, and while the line would normally have been wrapped across the front of the building, with the interior space being utilized, only 3-4 parties of guests were outside. This is especially helpful on hot, sunny days given that the interior queue is in the shade.

The Haunted Mansion had a delayed opening today due to technical difficulties, and by midday had still not opened. It did open later in the day, however.

We stopped by Aloha Isle Refreshments for one of our favorite park snacks, the Kakamora Float. It’s so good to have this treat back!

We noticed that not only does it have a sign now, it has a brand new sign, as the last time it had a sign it was a seasonal item and the sign was Christmas themed. We’re so glad to see that this fan favorite is here to stay!

There hasn’t been much Splash Mountain themed merchandise at Splashdown Photos recently, but there was a water reactive youth shirt there today. Things seem to be coming in a little at a time now instead of in huge restocks.

In contrast with the weekend crowds, we noticed that Main Street, USA was decidedly sparse around midday. Today was the first day of school in this area of Florida, so that may have had an impact on crowd levels, but we still noticed a drop in crowds.

We had a great day at the Magic Kingdom, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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1 year ago

I know that little thing stuck into the drink represents an animated coconut, but to me it could be Wilson the volleyball from “Cast Away” lol.