PHOTOS: Adorable “Stand By Me Doraemon 2” Food Coming August 4th to Universal Studios Japan

With the exciting Stand By Me Doraemon 2 XR Ride coming to Universal Studios Japan next week, the park has revealed some adorable new food items also coming next week to commemorate the new overlay! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Doraemon Plate Set (Nobita & Shizuka’s Wedding) – ¥2100 ($19.83)

At the Studio Stars Restaurant in Hollywood, this plate set is themed to Nobita and Shizuka’s wedding, which Guests travel to see in the upcoming XR ride. The meal features adorable cutouts of both Nobita and Shizuka as well as Doraemon with heart eyes around roast chicken and mushrooms with demi-glace sauce. The set also comes with bread, salad, and a drink in a Doraemon paper cup.

Doraemon Kids Set – ¥1200 ($11.33)

Also at the Studio Stars Restaurant, the kids set features a number of Doraemon’s tools, such as a mini-cheeseburger with Doraemon’s Hopter on top and his Time Cloth for a wrapper, as well as chicken nuggets, assorted vegetables, and a salad.

Doraemon’s Pass Loop Cake – ¥800

Themed to Doraemon’s Pass Loop, this pineapple mousse cake also calls to mind Doraemon’s tail and bow! This delicious dessert is also at Studio Stars Restaurant.

Doraemon Dango – ¥650

Outside the attraction, you’ll find these cute dango, or mochi dumplings themed to the three central characters of Doraemon – Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka! We weren’t told if these will have any flavor, but they’re still pretty cute nonetheless!

Doraemon Popcorn Bucket – ¥3800

No matter which Japanese theme park you’re at, it’s not a special occasion without a new popcorn bucket! This adorable bucket features Doraemon and his Anywhere Door and is sold along with popcorn flavored to Doraemon’s favorite treat – dorayaki, or red bean paste between two small pancakes.

Doraemon Sofrozen Cup – ¥900

With a blue ice flavor, this special Sofrozen cup features Doraemon’s head. Super cute, isn’t it?

All of these Doraemon items will be available from August 4th at Universal Studios Japan while supplies last. Be sure to stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today, we’ll be reviewing some of these soon! Until then, stay safe, time travelers!

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