Photo Credit: @bioreconstruct on Twitter

PHOTOS: Get An Aerial View of New Lucite Pylons and Fountain Construction at EPCOT

Our photographer friend in the skies, bioreconstruct, has shared an aerial view of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT and the construction happening in front of it. These images give an idea of how the new lucite pylons fit into EPCOT’s signature fountain.

Photo Credit: @bioreconstruct on Twitter

The pylons sit directly in the center of the fountain. The benches surrounding the fountain are currently protected by old resort hotel carpeting. While the pylons are complete and visible, there is still work to be done on the rest of the fountain.

Disney revealed the pylons a few days ago as part of EPCOT’s reimagining. Walt Disney Imagineering later shared a video about the installation process.

According to Imagineer Zach Riddley, the completed fountain will be unveiled later this year. You can check out our photo tour of the fountains right here.

What is old is new again. What do you think of the return of the retro EPCOT lucite pylon fountain? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image: @bioreconstruct on Twitter

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5 months ago

If nostalgia helps you ignore the fact that the inspirational Epcot is gone forever, to be replaced with shallow corporate synergy with the studios, lame attempts at interactivity, a reliance on a terribly cobbled together phone app collection and projection-heavy “rides”, I’m happy for you.

These pylons are more of a tombstone marking the death of Epcot, merely a nostalgia play to make you feel better when you walk in. “Remember Classic Coke?”

Also, this dude is everywhre on blogs, soo if you like that bland, driven-by-a-reused-mrketing phrase style of design–Authentically Disney, Distinctly Epcot–bullshit, get ready for morrre!