PHOTOS: NEW Beauty and the Beast & Baymax-Themed Souvenir Snacks Debut at Tokyo Disneyland

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Even though the highly-anticipated New Fantasyland expansion at Tokyo Disneyland has yet to have an opening date announced, some of the associated themed merchandise has made appearances here and there as of late. One new set are these new souvenir snacks, known in Japan as omiyage, now available at Tokyo Disneyland! In Japanese culture, it’s tradition to bring back souvenirs, usually small treats, to friends, family, and coworkers after you travel, so Tokyo Disney Resort provides a number of sweet and savory omiyage choices. Let’s take a look at the delicious new treats, you might even find yourself hungry by the end!

Baymax Marshmallows – ¥1700

These delicious marshmallows come in an adorable (but sadly not bouncy) plastic Baymax, which makes for a cute decorative health companion! There’s a slot on the back for you to retrieve your delicious, fluffy treats.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate these marshmallows? There’s two flavors—chocolate, which comes in a wrapper with his Big Hero 6 outfit, and strawberry, with his standard look.

And in typical, lovable fashion, the nutrition info and other information are printed on this admittedly adorable card! Are you satisfied with your care? I think I might just be.

Baymax Senbei Rice Crackers – ¥950

In case you’re not satisfied by sweet marshmallows and seek out something more savory, try these senbei, or Japanese rice crackers. They’re even pre-divided into three nice bags, each with adorable designs so you can distribute to your friends or loved ones easily!

There’s once again two flavor choices— sweet-and-salty, with a Baymax face on it, and shrimp, in the shape of a heart.

Beauty and the Beast Cookies – ¥750

Complete with a Mrs. Potts bag and a Chip keychain, this gift is sure to please any Beauty and the Beast fan friends you might have!

These cookies are simple plain cookies, but come in the shape of Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Chip. Super adorable, if you ask me!

Gaston Energy Drink-Flavored Candies – ¥750

These Gaston candies, complete with label that resembles the sign for the upcoming Le Taverne de Gaston at Tokyo Disneyland, are apparently flavored like “energy drink”, which isn’t particularly descriptive. I’d imagine it’s probably akin to Mountain Dew. The tin features portraits of Gaston on every side in various majestic poses on every side. Nobody makes candy like Gaston, clearly!

And just like the tin, each candy wrapper also features a portrait of Gaston.

If you’re in the mood to satisfy your need for both souvenir snacks and adorable packaging, you can find these snacks at World Bazaar Confectionery in Tokyo Disneyland, or at Bon Voyage just outside the park while supplies last. Since these are food items after all, you never know how long they’ll be around!

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