PHOTOS: New Cozy Walt Disney World Knit Sweatshirt Arrives at Disney Springs

Although we’re still battling the summer heat here in Orlando, we’re starting to have a few cool evenings, and with autumn coming up soon, it’s best to be prepared with this all-new cozy gray Walt Disney World knit sweatshirt!

Walt Disney World Knit Sweatshirt - $54.99

This gray sweatshirt looks similar to that of a cozy knitted sweatshirt, features a light blue Walt Disney World rectangle in the center with the text stitched in.

Walt Disney World Knit Sweatshirt - $54.99

The back of the sweatshirt continues on the gray knit style. This very minimalist style for this sweatshirt is perfect for adding a subtle touch of magic.

This hoodie costs $54.99 and was spotted at the World of Disney at Disney Springs, but we’re sure to see this popping up around the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort soon.

Will you be adding this cozy sweatshirt to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

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