PHOTOS: New Halloween 2020 Pins Arrive at Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort

Charly Shelton

New Halloween Pins at Disney Pin Traders in Downtown Disney

PHOTOS: New Halloween 2020 Pins Arrive at Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort

Halloween is almost here and it’s time to celebrate! We found some new open edition Halloween pins at Disney’s Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort. They’re sure to be a perfectly spooky addition to any pin collection. Take a look at all the new pins below.

HalloweenPins 05

Mickey Mouse is dressed in his finest Halloween magician regalia and is making his candy disappear. The back of the candy cloud is a shimmering gold color and the white of Mickey’s face, gloves and shoes is slightly off-white, giving it an aged, slightly vintage feel.

HalloweenPins 01

Minnie Mouse is a kitchen witch, summoning her baked sweets for a delicious Halloween treat. The back is a glittery black metal and the whites of her books, face, gloves and shoes has the same off-white vintage aesthetic.

HalloweenPins 07

Goofy is dressed as a jester and is running scared, spilling candy everywhere. The whites of his face, gloves and costume feature the same off-white coloring.

HalloweenPins 02

Pluto is a skeleton dog and is very pleased, as he scoops up candy probably dropped by Goofy as he runs away. Pluto’s eyes are the only vintage off-white section.

HalloweenPins 06

Although we can’t see the “Haunted Mansion Holiday” gingerbread house, there is still one way to see a creepy creative castle. This candy corn castle pin features candy corn turrets, Mickey-head lollipops and other candies scattered around.

HalloweenPins 03

Rounding out the Disney character collection are Chip and Dale. These little pirates have pilfered a treasure chest of candy to tide them over til next Halloween. The whites of their eyes, muzzles and teeth are in the off-white color.

HalloweenPins 04

One Halloween pin from a different set of characters — Boba Fett. He guards his bounty of treats frozen in carbonite for their trip to Jabba. And his little wagon in place of Slave I is just adorable.

Find these pins at Pin Central in Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort for $9.99 apiece. Are you excited to add these new Halloween pins to your collection? Let us know in the comments below. For more stories like this, take a look at some more Halloween merch at the Downtown Disney District, or see some more new pins here.