PHOTOS: New “The Haunted Mansion” Dress (with Pockets) Comes Out to Socialize at Walt Disney World

If you’ve been wanting to look your best for the midnight spree, you’re in luck!

A new dress themed to The Haunted Mansion has materialized at Walt Disney World, mixing high fashion with the eerie world of Gracey Manor.

The dress has a blue top, with a skirt featuring retro-inspired designs of the the mansion’s ethereal residents, all wrapped together with a simple brown bow.

Madame Leota, the characters from the Stretching Room, and more can be found here.

The singing busts are embroidered on the back collar.

Best of all, the dress has pockets for you to stash some snacks or your phone in, and if you’re Constance Hatchaway… well, never mind.

The dress retails for $128.00. We found this in the most unusual of locations: Disney’s Hollywood Studios, at Legends of Hollywood.

Is this a dress you’ve been waiting your whole (after)life for? Let us know in the comments!

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Brian Ballone
Brian Ballone
1 month ago

One Hundred Twenty Eight Dollars!!!!

Miss Alison
Miss Alison
1 month ago

I love this dress! I want it!

1 month ago

I really wished they would make mens shirts in so many of the fabrics they use on the dresses! Especially this one!

1 month ago

Will this be available to purchase online?

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