PHOTOS: NEW “The Black Cauldron” 35th Anniversary Limited Edition MagicBand Works Its Magic at Walt Disney World

Thirty-five years ago, The Black Cauldron hit theaters, and now we’re heading back to the land of Prydain with a limited edition MagicBand at Walt Disney World!

Four of the film’s main characters, including Princess Eilonwy, appear on the front of the box, with a shield marked with a “35” in the lower right corner.

The black MagicBand has an edition size of 500, making it rather rare indeed.

On one end of the band, Taran and Gurgi strike heroic poses.

On the other side, the terrible Horned King gives a sinister glare below the film’s title.

The box itself is blue with a mustard yellow bottom.

The back has an Easter egg where an apple flies by. Even though the film wasn’t popular at the box office back in 1985, it’s nice to see Disney pay tribute to a piece of its animated history.

The MagicBand retails for $34.99. We found it at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.

If you’re looking for more MagicBands with characters from Disney animation, check out 2020’s limited edition Earth Day and Mother’s Day MagicBands featuring WALL-E and Dumbo!

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