PHOTOS: New Totem Pole Mug Featuring Humphrey the Bear Makes Camp at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

A new mug at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge pays tribute to the resort hotel’s most memorable features.

The mug, made to resemble a log with its brown color and patterned texture, features the resort logo on one side…

…and on the other, the design of the totem pole seen outside Wilderness Lodge Mercantile.

Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Humphrey the Bear make up this ersatz totem pole.

Mickey and Goofy sure look happy to be roughing it in the great outdoors. (Donald… less so.)

Just outside, you can see how close the resemblance is!

This makes for a nifty memento of your time at the lodge.

Appropriately enough, we found the mug at Wilderness Lodge Mercantile, where it retails for $23.99.

Are you ready to stake your claim on the mug, or do you prefer the cosmopolitan charm of Minnie Mouse and the Eiffel Tower? Sound off in the comments!

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