PHOTOS: New “Toy Story 4” Youth T-Shirts and PIXAR Luxo Ball Beach Towel Bounce into Disney’s Hollywood Studios

What kid doesn’t love Toy Story? Whilst running around Andy’s back yard (a.k.a. Toy Story Land) in Disney’s Hollywood Studios this week, we found an adorable new collection of youth t-shirts, all featuring characters from Toy Story 4. Alongside the shirts was also a fun new PIXAR Luxo Ball beach towel, so keep scrolling to check out the fun new selection…

Pink Youth “Toy Story 4” Walt Disney World Castle T-Shirt

kids toy story tshirts

This first t-shirt features the characters of Toy Story 4 in a colorful cut-out Cinderella Castle shape, with the Walt Disney World logo printed underneath.

kids toy story tshirts

Forky, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Bo Peep are all in action poses, with magical stars and fireworks going off in the background.

kids toy story tshirts

The t-shirt is a soft pink in color, and costs $19.99.

Forky ‘I’m Just Happy to Be Here!’ Youth T-Shirt

kids toy story tshirts

Next up is this white tee, which features Forky in front of Cinderella Castle, with the slogan ‘I’m just happy to be here’.

kids toy story tshirts

The t-shirt is plain white in color, with red accents on the sleeve and blue on the neckline, representing Forky’s signature colors. This t-shirt costs $24.99.

Bo Peep ‘Hangin’ with my Peeps’ Youth T-Shirt

kids toy story tshirts

Last in the t-shirt collection is this brown number, which features a graphic of Bo Peep, and the witty slogan ‘Hangin’ with my Peeps’.

kids toy story tshirts
kids toy story tshirts
kids toy story tshirts

The back of this shirt features a cute graphic of Bo Peep’s sheep. This tee costs $36.99.

Luxo Ball Beach Towel

luxo ball beach towel

Last up, but definitely not least, is this amazing new beach towel. It is completely round and features a red star in the middle of a blue and yellow background, instantly recognizable as that iconic PIXAR Luxo ball!

luxo ball beach towel
luxo ball beach towel

This beach towel costs $29.99.

The towel and the t-shirts can all be found in the merchandise store located at the exit to the recently-reopened Toy Story Mania attraction, in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We recently spotted this cute “Toy Story 4” mug in Disney Springs, so check that out next!

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