PHOTOS, REVIEW: Tambu Lounge Reopens with a Brand New Food Menu and Classic, Fan-Favorite Drinks at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort


PHOTOS, REVIEW: Tambu Lounge Reopens with a Brand New Food Menu and Classic, Fan-Favorite Drinks at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort


PHOTOS, REVIEW: Tambu Lounge Reopens with a Brand New Food Menu and Classic, Fan-Favorite Drinks at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Starting today at 4 PM, the beloved Tambu Lounge reopened at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and we had to swing by to get ourselves a Backscratcher! If you plan on visiting, do note that Tambu Lounge is open from 4 PM to 11 PM.

Let’s head into the bar area and see what modifications have come to this lounge for its reopening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tambu Lounge – Seating and New Safety Protocols

TambuLoungeReopen 1
TambuLoungeReopen 2

Outside the bar area, all of the bar stools have been removed and social distancing decals have been added to the floor, giving guests a place to wait before they order. The tables and chairs that were also popular for guests to use while sipping on their drinks have been distanced further apart.

TambuLoungeReopen 3

There is a dedicated entrance only to the lounge.

TambuLoungeReopen 4

Don’t worry, all of your favorite beverages—like the Lapu Lapu and the Backscratcher—are still on the menu!

TambuLoungeReopen 5

Outside the lounge, eager guests spaced themselves out awaiting the grand reopening, following all social distancing guidelines.

TambuLoungeReopen 13

Nearby, the area that used to function as a waiting area for ‘Ohana has been repurposed as Tambu Lounge seating. Each table will have its own server and food and drinks will be brought over accordingly.

Tambu Lounge – Menu

TambuLoungeReopen 6

Sitting down, we were excited to see an entirely new food menu has come to Tambu Lounge. Like many other restaurants around Walt Disney World Resort, there’s a paper sleeve on the table with a QR code that you can scan to see the full menu on My Disney Experience.

TambuLoungeReopen 7
TambuLoungeReopen 8

The new menu items consist of a California Roll, Big Kahuna’s Hot Wings, O’ahu Island Flatbreads (which includes a shrimp and crab or shredded pork option), and Kaikane’s Barbecue Pork Ribs.

TambuLoungeReopen 9
TambuLoungeReopen 10
TambuLoungeReopen 11
TambuLoungeReopen 12

Over on the beverage side, all of our favorite Tambu Lounge drinks returned, as well as the popular non-alcoholic mocktails.

Tambu Lounge – Food

TambuLoungeReopen 27
TambuLoungeReopen 28

Big Kahuna’s Hot Wings – $12.00

Crispy Chicken Wings, Buttery-hot Buffalo Sauce, Celery-Ranch Slaw

TambuLoungeReopen 16
TambuLoungeReopen 17

The first dish we tried was the Big Kahuna’s Hot Wings. The wings were cooked very well and the dish was presented nicely, with a smear of buttery Buffalo sauce.

TambuLoungeReopen 14
TambuLoungeReopen 15

We did find the name misleading, however, as these weren’t very spicy. While not the best dish out of everything we tried, this is a decent option if you’re in the mood for chicken wings.

California Roll – $18.00

Jumbo Crab, Citrus Mayonnaise, Cucumber, Avocado and Tobiko

TambuLoungeReopen 35
TambuLoungeReopen 36

If this California Roll looks familiar to you, it could be because it’s nearly identical to the roll that’s served at Kona Cafe.

TambuLoungeReopen 37
TambuLoungeReopen 38

While this might not be the best sushi you’ll ever have, this is a nice, cold dish that’s easily shareable over drinks with friends.

O’ahu Island Flatbreads – Shrimp and Crab – $15.00

Shrimp, Crab, Red Onions, Basil Aïoli, Parmesan, Gruyére

TambuLoungeReopen 31
TambuLoungeReopen 32

One of our favorite new dishes, we were surprised by how much we enjoyed this flatbread. The shrimp were large, but was balanced with the crab nicely.

O’ahu Island Flatbreads – Shredded Pork – $15.00

Shredded Pork, Crispy Pork Belly, Ham, Pineapple-Barbecue Sauce, Red Onion, Smoked Gouda, Cheddar

TambuLoungeReopen 29
TambuLoungeReopen 30

We also really enjoyed the other flatbread with the shredded pork, pork belly, and ham. There was a generous amount of perfectly-cooked pork belly that paired very well with the smoked Gouda and cheddar.

Kaikane’s Barbecue Pork Ribs – $16.00

Marinated Pork Ribs, Korean-Style Barbecue Sauce, Pickled Peppers, Pineapple Slaw

TambuLoungeReopen 33
TambuLoungeReopen 34

If you order these ribs, prepare yourself, as they can get very messy. That said, they were a wonderful addition to the menu and the Korean-style barbecue sauce made these ribs stand out.

Tambu Lounge – Specialty Cocktails

Hawaiian Mule – $13.00

Pau Maui Handmade Vodka, Lychee-Citrus Reduction, and Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

TambuLoungeReopen 18
TambuLoungeReopen 19

Puka Punch – $14.00

The Real McCoy 5 yr Rum, Bacardí Superior Rum, John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum, Tropical Juices, Passion Fruit, and Angostura Bitters

TambuLoungeReopen 20
TambuLoungeReopen 25

Backscratcher – $13.00

Bacardí Superior Rum, Plantation Original Dark Rum, and Guava-Passion Fruit Juice topped with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and a Bamboo Backscratcher

TambuLoungeReopen 21
TambuLoungeReopen 22

Yes, the Backscratcher is still served with a backscratcher, but it’s no longer served in the drink.

Polynesian Mai Tai – $13.00

Plantation Original Dark Rum, Bacardí Superior Rum, Bols Orange Curaçao, Lime Juice, Orgeat (Almond), and Pure Cane Sugar

TambuLoungeReopen 23
TambuLoungeReopen 24

Lapu Lapu – $18.00

Plantation Original Dark Rum and Tropical Fruit Juices served in a fresh Pineapple topped with Gosling’s 151 Rum

TambuLoungeReopen 44
TambuLoungeReopen 45

Dragon Iced Tea – $14.00

Hendrick’s Gin, Lemon and Ginger Herbal Tea, Tropical Juices, and Blood Orange

TambuLoungeReopen 46
TambuLoungeReopen 47

Overall, we were incredibly impressed by the new food additions that came to Tambu Lounge. All of the items seemed to compliment the drinks well, and we’re very glad that this lounge is once again open to guests… now all we have to do is wait for the reopening of ‘Ohana and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, and the Polynesian dining experience will be complete!

Will be stopping by the newly-reopened Tambu Lounge to order your favorite beverages and try out the new menu? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Sounds pretty good. I arrive kind of late on Nov 13th, so if the Enchanted Lounge is done serving food by the time I get there from the airport I might hop over to Tambu Lounge for my first real “meal” of the trip. After sanitizing, of course.

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