REVIEW: The Fin-Tastic JAWS Blue Hawaii Frappe at Universal Studios Japan

Ahoy there, mateys! Welcome to Amity Village at Universal Studios Japan, home of the very much still-functioning JAWS boat ride! And right across the way sits Boardwalk Snacks, home of the delicious JAWS Blue Hawaii Frappe. If that doesn’t catch your attention, surely the portion size will! How about we dive in?

JAWS Blue Hawaii Frappe – ¥850 ($8.08)

This thing is massive. Like seriously, the portion might be big enough for Jaws himself! And get a load of that awesome container as well! I can’t decide what I’m more excited about—a cool treat in the hot Osaka summer or this awesome container.

The top is adorned with a mixture of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. There’s also a bit of whipped cream and a white chocolate surfboard that says “Boardwalk”.

I’d really like to know why they call this a “frappe” because it’s really just shaved ice with fruits on top. When I think of “frappe”, I think of a slush/smoothie-type coffee drink I’d get at Starbucks or the like. But name aside, it tastes just as advertised – like Hawaiian punch with just a little bit of coconut. The portion is seriously huge – well worth it even without the 20% Annual Passholder discount. The syrup spreads evenly, even if it melts faster than you can actually eat it in the Osaka summer, and the fruits are fully thawed, thank goodness.

All in all, I’d absolutely recommend pulling over at Boardwalk Snacks in Amity Village and taking a bite out of this JAWS “frappe”! It’s available through the summer, so don’t miss your chance to drop anchor and cool down in Amity Village at Universal Studios Japan!

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