Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Resumes Operation Today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Following Massive Lightning Strike

A day after a massive lightning bolt hit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the land’s feature attraction, Rise of the Resistance, failed to open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests who obtained Boarding Groups were informed later in the day that they would be accommodated. Today, however, the attraction has resumed operation, with 10:00 AM Boarding Groups distributed and earlier groups already called in.

Rumors circulated yesterday that Monday night’s massive lightning bolt may have taken out some electrical units pertinent to the ride, given that the bolt struck somewhere in the Resistance Forest near the Rise of the Resistance attraction. However, none of this was ever confirmed. Disney has an extensive lightning rod system in place throughout all of its parks that is designed to sustain extreme weather conditions, and any damage caused appears to have been light.

We’ll continue to monitor the status of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance for any further updates to this story.

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