“Turtle Talk with Crush” Expected To Reopen By the End of August in EPCOT

The interactive talk show type attraction, “Turtle Talk With Crush”, has been closed at EPCOT since the park reopened last month, but is expected to reopen in the next week or two, according to Cast Members.

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Since the Actors’ Equity Association has reached a Memorandum of Understanding¬†with Disney, performers are allowed to start returning to their jobs in the parks. This includes the “Turtle Talk with Crush” performers.

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Turtle Talk, housed in The Seas with Nemo & Friends, is similar to Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor at the Magic Kingdom, though it is more aimed at exclusively children. Animated characters appear on a screen while voice actors perform live from a separate location. This means each performance is different and more personalized to the audience. It also means the performers are not in the same room as guests, so there is a slightly lessened risk of contact or transmission.

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The marine exhibit area of Turtle Talk, typically used as the holding and waiting area for the attraction, has been open occasionally depending on staffing for the past month. There are social distancing markers leading into the exhibit, and markers for each party to stand in the waiting area.

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We’re sure the small theatre will also have social distancing measures implemented inside, and children may not be allowed to sit at the front of the room on the floor like they did before. We will keep checking up on “Turtle Talk with Crush” to see when it reopens.

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  1. You are giving out wrong information. I work in this location. And we have no idea when we will be reopening

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