WATCH/LISTEN: WDWNT The RPG Jungle Cruise Catastrophe

WATCH: WDWNT The RPG – Jungle Cruise Catastrophe

On this episode of WDWNT The RPG, Ben goes missing, Skippers have vanished, and it’s up to the Freelance Adventure Co. to rescue the attraction from certain doom and find the final piece of the Robo Detector! Who exactly is the C.H.A.P.E.K. user that is hacking animatronics and attempting to destroy the park? Discover the mysteries by catching up on WDWNT The RPG—available with full video and graphics, or in podcast form!

WDWNT The RPG is a tabletop style role-playing game set in and around the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Each episode, our cast of players take on characters within the Freelance Adventure Co. to solve mysteries, discover secrets, and explore. There is an ongoing story surrounding the failures of many rides, and a digital entity controlling animatronics inside of the parks.

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