PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/17/20 (New Social Distancing Markers, Halloween Merchandise Debuts, Low Wait Times, and More)

It started out as a bright, sunny and hot day in the Magic Kingdom, and we were able to fit a spooky amount of fun in before the rain hit. The crowds were lighter than we’ve seen recently, and didn’t even scare up the wait times around midday like usual. Let’s get haunted—I mean started!

Tron Lightcycle run panels wrap removed magic kingdom 8102020

We took a moment on the ride in on the monorail to see what we could of the construction on TRON Lightcycle Run. Most of the clear film has been removed from the newly-installed panels, which were reflecting dark grey in this picture.

Monorail tapstile queue utilization magic kingdom 8102020

Just outside of the tapstiles, new markers have been installed alongside the social distancing markers for the queue to enter the park, allowing these lines to be used later in the day to expand the queue for loading the monorail. During that time, the tapstiles on this side would be closed to guests needing to enter the park, but the ones on the right side would be open.

Cavalcade social distancing marker testing magic kingdom 8102020

Walking down Main Street, USA, we noticed new temporary social distancing markers have been installed along the right hand side of the street, most likely to test out social distancing while viewing Character Cavalcades as they pass by.

Cavalcade social distancing marker testing installation magic kingdom 8102020

A Cast Member was busy measuring out and installing a few last-minute markers as we entered the park.

Cavalcade social distancing marker testing right side nothing left side magic kingdom 8102020

The left-hand side of the street, the side bordering the Emporium, was free of any markers. As Disney tests out this system, we expect to see more permanent markers installed to fit the needs of guests and the park, while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Halloween 2020 merch magic kingdom 8102020

As we hinted earlier, today was an exciting day for fans of Halloween—lots of brand new merchandise arrived today at the Emporium to start off the Halloween season right! Pins, light up pumpkins, spirit jerseys, Crocs, ears, there was something for everyone.

Loungefly Halloween candy magic kingdom 8102020

Our favorite piece was this Loungefly mini backpack featuring Mickey shaped spooky treats. We’re one step closer to Magic Kingdom being decorated for Halloween!

Splash down regular merch magic kingdom 8102020

Checking in at other popular merchandise destinations, Splashdown Photos had one themed youth tank top available, but no other Splash Mountain merchandise in the store.

Momento mori restock magic kingdom 8102020

At Memento Mori, even the most popular of items were fully restocked in lots of sizes, waiting for a guest to follow home.

Haunted mansion sweatpants magic kingdom 8102020

We also found these new cropped sweatpants featuring some of our favorite characters from the popular attraction.

The child baby yoda new shirt magic kingdom 8102020

At Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. we found a new ladies shirt featuring The Child. With popularity like his, he really is stronger than you think.

Small world 20 minutes magic kingdom 8102020

Wait times remained lower than normal around midday today. “it’s a small world” was a 20 minute wait, and the line was just as long as the front of the building. The interior queue was empty, as was the side queue.

Peter pans flight 25 minutes magic kingdom 8102020

Peter Pan’s Flight had a 25 minute wait, and while the line did fill the interior queue, it only spilled out to the exterior queue by about 10 groups of guests.

Pirates of the Caribbean 30 minutes Magic Kingdom 8172020

Pirates of the Caribbean was a 30 minute wait, and no line could be seen from the front of the attraction.

Panchito goofy cavalcade magic kingdom 8102020

We got a nice wave goodbye as we headed out from our friend Panchito on the Goofy Cavalcade. We had a great time at the Magic Kingdom today, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!