Analysts Call 2021 A “Lost Year” for Disney Theme Parks, Predicts They Won’t Fully Recover Until Fiscal Year 2023

Despite the Walt Disney World Resort’s phased reopening being well underway now, and Disneyland Resort ready to reopen as soon as possible, the impacts of the theme park shutdown have already taken root within the company’s Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products division, with some analysts claiming that the theme parks may be facing another “lost year” in 2021.

Goofy Cavalcade with Cinderella Castle

According to a report by The Orange County Register‘s Brady MacDonald, Deutsche Bank analysts have upgraded Disney stock due to the success of Disney+ in the past few months, but warn that the theme parks may continue to struggle for a few more years.

In reference to the upcoming start of the new fiscal year, Deutsche Bank noted in their recent analysts’ report:

At this point, we are assuming that FY21 (beginning 10/1/20) will be another ‘lost year’.

The Disney Parks, Experiences and Products division revenue is expected to decline $9.8 billion in fiscal year 2020, with revenue not expected to fully bounce back until 2023. Deutsche Bank expects a significant rebound in 2025, with a $10 billion boost in revenue up from pre-pandemic levels.

With local visitors making up 50% of park capacity, analysts don’t expect attendance—or the parks’ full earning power—to normalize until a vaccine is widely available and domestic and international travel resumes.

Source: The Orange County Register

15 thoughts on “Analysts Call 2021 A “Lost Year” for Disney Theme Parks, Predicts They Won’t Fully Recover Until Fiscal Year 2023”

    • Sure Z B, and make WDW a Petri dish for the virus followed by illnesses, deaths and limitless lawsuits against Disney. A very well thought out suggestion. I am sure the Disney Co. will give that idea all the consideration it is due.

    • Agreed, we did not renew our annual pass for this very reason and we spent quite a bit of time park hopping to eat, drink and shop. We bought 3 motorcycles with the savings!

    • Couldn’t agree more. This is the truth that many people refuse to see. People will NOT pay top dollar to mask up in 90 degree heat and have no parades/fireworks/character dining. Until Disney realizes this, they will continue to loose out.

  1. Had yearly passes for many years. Just cancelled our passes in August. Will not return to WDWZ anytime soon. Our 107 weeks of Disney will be on hold.

  2. I read a different article with the calendar showing people need to book a park appointment until at least 9/2021. I miss Disney and I am pro mask, but I’m not wearing a mask for 14+ hours so I’m staying home until masks are lifted and appointments are no longer necessary. Do you have any insight into when that will be?

    • I went last Wednesday with my son and we did all animal kingdom in 3 hrs.. without the long lines there’s no need to be there 14 hours and wear a mask for that long either.. saturdays and Sundays are a bit busier but still the longest line I saw was 25 mins

    • While no one knows for sure probably even Disney. If a vaccine is ready for production in November or January it will probably be June at the earliest.

  3. We all love,Disney but why would you go with so many restrictions. I agree with the wearing of mask but how do you get your four young grandchildren to keep them on all day. Then you have to make reservations, no parades, no character breakfast or fireworks. These are the things that light up a kids eye and they want more. It’s a shame that you pay so much and get back so little. Hopefully soon we can all return!!

  4. Feel awesome and safe , healthy wearing a mask …not spreading an outdoor allergy sneeze to other people at the parks makes me feel good about myself! Of course I clean my mask when it gets dirty before bed! Dawn and hot water! People spreading germs are extremely inconsiderate and unhealthy in my opinion! And dont give me lies about people who can’t wear it for a medical reason is a lie! Every adult can wear it, its your choice whether you want to be stubborn/defiant or not!

  5. The mask mandate doesn’t bother me. I would help them recover faster if they would make annual passes available for sale again!

  6. Cancelled our annual passes also…went one last time 2 weeks ago and the magic was gone…definitely will return one day…

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