BREAKING: Cinderella Castle Holiday Dream Lights Will Not Be Hung in 2020, Rotating Projections Replace Signature Magic Kingdom Offering

Walt Disney World has just announced new, modified offerings for the upcoming 2020 holiday season. With that comes the announcement that the Cinderella Castle Dream Lights will not be hung this year. Instead, a series of rotating projections will decorate the Magic Kingdom icon so guests can take a festive picture.


“When night falls, special projection effects will give a festive look to Cinderella Castle this year, providing a colorful backdrop for our guests’ photos. The appearance of the iconic castle will be transformed with a rotating series of designs including a whimsical Christmas sweater and a regal overlay of red, green and gold ornamentation. This will be in place of the Castle Dream Lights.”

Disney offered a video preview of the new projections:

Other holiday experiences that draw big crowds will be on hiatus this year as well, such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom and the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT.

You can relive the magic and splendor of the Cinderella Castle Dream Lights below:

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  1. This is seriously so upsetting. The overlays are so tacky. How can they take the Dream Lights away on top of everything else this year? So extremely sad and disappointed. This was the thing I was looking forward to the most for my December trip. Brb crying.

  2. Unbelievable and the ultimate shaft to guests. Disney is too cheap to hang lights on the castle but expect us to pay full price for less offerings and shorter hours. Very disillusioning and off putting to customers who want to support them. And no you cannot justify their decision on trying to avoid crowds. If that were the motivation they would not be offering the lazier projections.

  3. Removing the castle Christmas dream lights is removing the magic….I have had two trips cancelled this year so far and now I am considering cancelling our Christmas trip. It is so sad what is happening to the most magical place on earth…it is starting to be just an amusement park…not the Magical place that I have been visiting for the last 48 years….truly disenchanted 😢

  4. There really is no need for them to even announce this. The park closes way before dark so unless they change park hours and stay open later no one will ever see the projections

    1. They’ve extended hours now on a lot of weekends. Open until 8 – it’s 7 here now and been dark for almost an hour.

  5. I haven’t been to Disney since my childhood. Hove I would cherish to go now. I’m afraid to say but I know I can’t afford it. I. I know I’d still be thrilled beyond my old memories. Go see it as is and be grateful.

  6. Dee M.’s comment is correct: even with the extended hours (7pm instead of 6pm), twilight doesn’t occur in November and December until 6:51 (at the earliest) and 7pm (at the latest), so it would seem that Disney isn’t hanging the lights since they wouldn’t be magical in the light. So, the real gripe should be with the shortened park hours…

  7. How disappointing. I come to Disney for characters, parades and shows. I knew I was giving those up but in exchange for shorter lines and for the only time ever the Christmas lights. I knew there wouldn’t be an event – but what harm do the lights do? We are already paying the same prices for less. We never get a chance to go at holiday bc of work and thought we might as well come and take advantage of the one year we can work remote.

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