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Face Masks Still Required in Orange County Despite Phase 3 Reopening

Despite Governor Ron DeSantis lifting COVID-19 restrictions across the state and allowing businesses to transition to a Phase 3 reopening, guests looking to visit the theme parks are still required to wear face masks at all times.

In a press conference today, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings stated that the face mask mandate is still in place, and that all guests and residents must still abide by it.

While Phase 3 technically allows theme parks to return to “normal operations with limited social distancing protocols”, Walt Disney World has not issued any changes to their face mask policy and is still enforcing the use of face masks throughout the parks and resorts for the safety of guests and Cast Members.

Governor DeSantis has encouraged the parks to increase capacity, and the tell-tale elevated crowds at the parks these past few weeks may be an indication that capacity has been quietly raised, but no official announcements have been released on changes to limited capacity in the parks and resorts.

  1. The big question I have is how this affects the airport. We have a trip planned in December, and even if Disney does the right thing and keeps things locked down, if the airport becomes a cesspool of idiots afraid of a little cloth on their face, there is no way it’s worth the trip.

    1. If you’re afraid of COVID you should just stay home. If you have a pre-existing condition you should just stay home.

    2. “if Disney does the right thing and keeps things locked down”… if you believe this you shouldn’t even go to the park. The flight, restaurants, crowds at the parks etc will all put you at elevated “risk” regardless of a harsh mask requirement.

    1. A governor has no say in how a private business decides to enforce its own safety protocols. Orlando/Orange County (and a few others) have always responded more to tourist safety than greedy politicians. Deaths really tend to put a crimp in the tourism business.

      1. What about the mask mandate? That is a local requirement and the Governor just ended all such requirements.

      2. It’s moreso Disney needs to justify to California that they are being careful in Orlando. As soon as (if) Cali allows Disneyland to open, Disney world requirements will lessen.

    1. It’s a county mandate for the safety of residents- not just something Disney is doing to keep you from spending money.

      1. The Governor just ended all those mandates. But I guess s county mayor has more authority than a Governor.

        1. They can have the mandate, but there’s no way to enforce it. The only reason now for masks to still be required is because Disney as a private business is requiring it (for now).

    2. I am looking forward to going back to Disney (did a trial run with mask.. not doing another one, it was awful) Please Disney let those of us who can’t do the mask come back in!!!

  2. Hi! In the recentely new phase #3 of reopening will WDW restart the Resort room delivery service??? I hope so. I’m traveling next october. Thanks!

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