REVIEW: New Dole Whip Firecracker Float with Coconut Rum is Popping with Flavor at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Recently debuted for Labor Day weekend, the new Firecracker Float is popping with flavor at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. This refreshing beverage combines classic DOLE Whip® soft-serve pineapple ice cream with tropical flavors, coconut rum, and popping firecracker candy. The drink has recently appeared at Pineapple Lanai, which you can easily find after a quick ride on the resort monorail.


You find the Pineapple Lanai just outside the Ceremonial House at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.


After pounding the pavement at Magic Kingdom, a delicious DOLE Whip can be just the thing to hit the spot and cool you down. But if you want to upgrade your DOLE Whip to an adult beverage with even more fruity flavor, then give the Firecracker Float a chance. With a bit of coconut rum, the float will be sure to relax you.


You can either sit at one of the tables by this quick-service kiosk, or perhaps you’d like to take a stroll with your attractive beverage. Just look at the texture and colors. That red firecracker candy almost looks like a flow of lava flowing down the pineapple volcano. When you take a scoop of this ice cream, the firecrackers pop in your mouth.


The kids will likely want a lick or drink or this attractive drink, but the coconut rum makes that impossible. If they insist, you can always purchase them one without the rum. Otherwise, you’ll have to order the rum on the side if you want to give them a taste.


The Firecracker Float at Pineapple Lanai costs $13.00, maybe a bit steep for a DOLE Whip, but the spiked content makes it as reasonable as other alcoholic drinks. Pick yours up during your next visit to enjoy a little Tiki culture at Polynesian Village Resort.

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