PHOTO: First Look at the Hong Kong Disneyland 15th Anniversary Logo Featuring the Castle of Magical Dreams

When Hong Kong Disneyland re-opened in June, we got our first look at the transformed Castle of Magical Dreams. The Castle of Magical Dreams is a reimagining of the Hong Kong Disneyland castle, combining elements of 13 different Disney princesses and heroines to create one ultimate castle.

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Now we have our first look at Hong Kong Disneyland’s anniversary logo featuring the refurbished castle, thanks to Disney Magical Kingdom Blog.


Hong Kong Disneyland is turning 15 years old this month and celebrating with merchandise featuring the new castle. As you can see from the logo, the castle has different sections for each princess and Mickey and Minnie look pretty excited about it. You can compare the logo to the nearly complete castle below.

castle of magical dreams hk01

What do you think of the Castle of Magical Dreams? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. oh no, the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland is coming, and there’s no reopening yet!? the Castle Of Magical Dreams will be delayed for spring 2023 if Hong Kong Disneyland doesn’t reopen the park soon!!

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