PHOTOS: A Full Tour of Belle’s Village at Tokyo Disneyland’s NEW Fantasyland Expansion

With Tokyo Disneyland finally opening its New Fantasyland expansion for Guests to walk through, we finally got to take a closer look at the full area! And there’s a lot of really cool things to see, so let’s take a look!


It was a bit of a drizzly, dreary day when we came to visit, but that doesn’t mean the land is any less pretty for it. Walking in, you can see straight down the road to the Gaston fountain. The Village Shops and La Taverne de Gaston flank both sides of the village.


The restaurant has some cute buildings that hide its true purpose.


Across the way, two of the Village Shops—La Belle Librarie and Little Town Traders—still have paper in their windows, since the shops don’t open until the 28th. But they’re otherwise ready! Little Town Traders in particular has some neat ornamentations around its entrance, with two shields of commodities above the sign.


We have the same Gaston fountain as at the Magic Kingdom, but it’s still a cute addition!


Gaston uses antlers in all his decorating, so much so that it spills out to the exterior of his tavern in the village!


We’ve already seen the full menu for this eatery, so we’re excited to head in next week and take a bite of these delicacies!


Plus the doors have a G shield on them!


And off to the side, there’s a small art piece of Gaston with a stein and his rifle. It’s a bit out of the way, so it’s a nice detail to see.


Poor LeFou, Gaston gets his own counter service restaurant and all LeFou gets is a churro stand. That being said, this churro looks incredible!


We finally know what the name of the third Village Shop is—Bonjour Gifts!


The restrooms are cleverly tucked away in the corner, right past Bonjour Gifts’ door. The restrooms are blacksmith-themed, and the saw being the sign is a clever touch.


The vestibule area features blacksmithing implements.


Also around the vestibule area, there’s various horseshoe sizes for different Disney horses, including Horace Horsecollar, Angus from Brave, Frou-Frou from The Aristocats, and even Philippe from Beauty and the Beast!


The inside of the restrooms features a wood and brown aesthetic, and the “stall occupied” indicators are horses!


Areas around the village feature static props like these to help fill space. Barrels are definitely common.


In the distance, we can see a castle. Is it possible that this is what we’ve come to this land for? You’ll have to find out in the next part of our tour!

The New Fantasyland expansion is now soft-open to Guests, with a full open scheduled for September 28th!

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