PHOTOS: Beast’s Castle and Surrounding Area Now Open at New Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland

The New Fantasyland expansion at Tokyo Disneyland is now open for Guests to wander! So naturally we made a beeline straight for the most exciting part of all—the second castle of Tokyo Disneyland! That’s right, the Beast’s Castle is fully out in the open and available for Guests to gawk at and dream of winning the lottery for The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction. Come with us and take a closer look!


In the distance, from some benches in the village, we can just spot the tip of the Beast’s Castle.


Out to the side is stroller parking and the magical carriage used to return Maurice to the village from the film! Sadly it doesn’t move, it’s only a static prop.


Looking head on to the castle, we can see that its partially obscured by mist. There’s a waterfall feature on both sides that helps generate this effect. The imposing structure is a welcome and unique addition to the Tokyo Disneyland skyline.


The FastPass readers are shaped like little horse posts. It appears Cast Members are using handheld scanners for the time being to determine Entry Request winners, however.


The entry sign features wrought-iron framing the attraction name, with gilded lettering and a crown. It’s a beautiful, yet understated sign for the land’s E-Ticket attraction.


Directly opposite the entrance is another building, likely housing the restrooms for the land as well as some Cast Member facilities.


Le Petit Popper, also opposite the ride entrance, will open on Monday as well. It appears that sadly, it will join the other four or five popcorn stands that only sell caramel popcorn at Tokyo Disneyland.


Another majestic view is offered on the walkway toward the Fantasyland Forest Theatre, featuring a smaller waterfall feature.


And over by the exit to Tomorrowland, there’s two stands which will sell drinks and ice cream to wary and sweltered Guests!

The Beast’s Castle is really quite magnificent, isn’t it? We’re very excited to have the chance to ride The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, so keep your fingers crossed for us! What are your thoughts on this new area? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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