PHOTOS: Construction Continues on Massive Fantasy Springs Expansion at Tokyo DisneySea (9/11/20)

The massive Fantasy Springs project at Tokyo DisneySea still has such a long way to go until we’re walking through the land ourselves in 2023, but that doesn’t mean progress comes slowly by any means! Let’s take a look at the latest status of the construction and a couple of surrounding projects.

Tokyo Disneyland Unknown Building


The mysterious building we saw last month behind Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland is now covered in scaffolds. There’s still no word on what this will be, but the most likely answer is probably “offices” considering a project hasn’t been announced here.

Bypass Tunnel


The bypass tunnel behind Fantasy Springs looks to be fairly done structurally, with paving and other touches still to come.

Frozen Area


As we reported last month, the structure is in the air for the future Frozen-themed attraction.


Looking at it from a distance gives quite the image not only of its scale but the scale of the expansion itself. The Arendelle area will butt up against the show building for The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, to the point that both Arendelle Castle and Elsa’s Castle, both seen in the concept art, may be visible from within Tokyo Disneyland. We’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out!

Fantasy Springs Hotel


Workers are hard at work on the still unnamed Fantasy Springs hotel, with the structure gaining roughly one story since our last check-in here. Safety signs encourage construction workers to work as a team and prevent incidents or disasters.


A larger look over the construction site shows a gap between the hotel and the structure for the Peter Pan area. There’s also a building towards the back thats still in the foundation stages, so not everything is up in the skies just yet at the Fantasy Springs site.


Of course, construction is pacing along faster in some areas than others.


And the link between the two formerly-isolated halves of the hotel site has finally been constructed, and very quickly caught up too.

Tangled Area


With the rise of the other buildings makes it harder to check in on the Tangled site, but we can already see that the show building is in similar phases to others, and a smaller offshoot building can be seen in the far left of the photo. This area is closest to Tokyo DisneySea and the expansion’s future entrance between Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta, so it probably won’t be long before we can glance at least some of it from within the park!

Peter Pan Attractions


The show building for the larger Peter Pan attraction is already receiving its facade, it seems. With this attraction supposedly being the most complicated of the four, its no surprise that this one is being completed the fastest.


The adjacent structure is also coming along nicely, with basic facade work also nearing completion here.


Work isn’t all done on the show building just yet, though! There’s still some big gaps to be filled on the end closest to the park. Also, the overpass bridge has finally been completed and paved!

Central Power


There’s not much new to say about the power building except that its coming along and and it looks like part of the roof is being installed.

DisneySea Barge Construction


Barge construction in the secondary dry dock has been underway for a few months, presumably for next year’s Believe… Sea of Dreams nighttime show announced in July. We can only imagine what the show will be like right now.

That’s the latest construction update from Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea! Are you excited for this massive expansion to open in 2023? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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