PHOTOS: Sunshine Tree Terrace Closed Today at the Magic Kingdom

Despite reopening with the rest of the park in July, Sunshine Tree Terrace was closed today at the Magic Kingdom.


The menus, social distancing markers, and hand sanitizer were all still in place. A Cast Member stationed outside let guests know that the terrace was closed due to “unforeseen circumstances.”


A month ago, Sunshine Tree Terrace ran into an issue with their Citrus Swirl machine. Later in August, they brought back the “I Lava You” float.


We aren’t sure why Sunshine Tree Terrace has closed, but we hope it will be open again soon, especially with the Headless Horseman Rides Again treat arriving soon. This upcoming Halloween treat is Strawberry DOLE® Whip with Fanta Strawberry and a Headless Horseman novelty straw.

Are you looking forward to the Headless Horseman Rides Again at Sunshine Tree Terrace? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I was really looking forward to having a Citrus Swirl. Oh well, if they don’t reopen by Thursday, there’s always next WDW vacation.

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